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Kenneka Jenkins Video & Facebook Live: How did missing Chicago teen die?

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The 19-year old Chicago teen’s death has become a huge mystery of sort. The 19-year-old girl who has been identified as Kenneka Jenkins or Kenneka Martin was discovered dead in a freezer inside a hotel after several hours of search by her parents, hotel staff and the police.

Ever since her death was announced several videos have emerged about the death of the girl, a few even going to the extent of claiming that the teenager was first raped and then dumped in the walk-in freezer.

While the police have refused to entertain any foul play thus far, her mother has said she didn’t die a natural death and there was some foul play involved. Many people on Facebook and Twitter are trying to highlight the fact that it would have been unthinkable for a heavily drunk person, to open the heavy doors of walk in freezer and just enter it.


Meanwhile several videos are in circulation –some of them from Facebook Live and other videos from that night – the hotel party, in an elevator, in a bathroom. Some people have spent hours trying to separate every single shot of the video making them look a lot more clear than in the videos.

One of Kenneka Jenkins’ closest friends Monifah Shelton has expressed her doubt about her friend entering in a walk in freezer on her own. She and Jenkins were friends since their childhood. In one of her posts she says,” Can y’all please leave me alone bro we been bestfriend since 3rd grade we did everything together literally everything we use to call ourself the nene twins ??? we slept together ate together broke bread together that was my ace ??it hurting me I never thought I was be doin this we suppose to be takin trips we had shit planned out I’m so sorry g ??♀️ we sisters for life”.

In an earlier post she says: “Please come home g this shit so bogus I was drunk not lookin out for u that’s where I fucked up at I should of turn around I should of did something but I thought u was behind me g it’s hurting me bro knowing I didn’t have u like I suppose to had u it’s my fault I’m so sorry g please come home please be safe god please let her be okay Kenneka.”

One more post from her says, “Please god let her be okay ?? she don’t deserve to be goin thru this ?,” she wrote further. And: “u got me out here finna lose my mind I’m praying ?? so hard kenneka.” And: “Bro I don’t give no fuck what nobody sayin I love u more then anything I will never hurt chu man ?? come home please kenneka I never felt like this before you got me sick I Kno everybody gone talk but it don’t even matter just pop up come home ??god please let her return home safe amen.”

In the meantime in one video that has been shared millions of times, people have alleged that they can hear Kenneka crying for help in the video. The family believes Kenneka is reflected in Irene’s sunglasses in the video. According to Buzzfeed, Jenkins, who was also known as Kenneka Martin, “was pronounced dead at 12:48 a.m. Sunday after her body was discovered in the freezer of the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Rosemont, Illinois.”

A report in IBTimes says that a 19-year old Chicago teen who was found dead in a hotel freezer was raped. The news report alleges that there are signs that make it look as if the 19-year old Chicago teen was raped before being dumped in the freezer. The news report suggests that Kenneka Jenkins who had gone to a hotel in a party might have been raped before being killed and says there are signs of it in a short video clip doing the rounds on the social media sites since last evening. While talking about the said video, the IBTimes report says, “At first glance, it seemed ordinary enough. But what raised suspicion for some people is that a girl can be heard saying, “Help me,” at the 15-second mark of the video…It’s unclear if the video is authentic”.

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