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Katju’s comment on Kashmir, Bihar: What if Owaisi or Azam had made such comment?

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New Delhi: Justice Markandey Katju angered many people by his rather sarcastic comment two days ago. He is a person who knows how to keep the media on its toes in his pursuit and uses this trait with aplomb.

In a Facebook post Tuesday, the former Supreme Court judge said he was ready to give Kashmir to Pakistan, provided Pak agreed to take Bihar too.

To be true, it was a series of Facebook posts during the day, many of which came in response to the outrage his first post caused across the country, especially in Bihar.


In his first post on the biggest social media network with more than 1.5 billion users across the world, the former justice of the apex court said, “You have to take the whole package, or none at all. Either you take both Kashmir and Bihar, or nothing.”

As the social media became awash with condemnation against Markandey Katju and demand for his prosecution from many politicians belonging to Bihar, he said it was a sarcastic comment. In second post he said he was just joking when he wrote the first post. “I respect Biharis. Bhar has made a big contribution…it has seen great men like Gautam Buddha, Chandragupta Maurya and Ashok,” said Justice Katju who is known for his frank and often outrageous comments.

Mulayam Singh Azam Khan

The same day he made the comment of gifting Pakistan the whole package, he said Kashmiris don’t deserve freedom, instead what they need is danda. “Kashmiris do not need the right of self determination but the danda”, Katju had said. When a prominent Srinagar based journalist working with a leading newspaper reminded that Katju was also a Kashmiri, he was removed from his fans’ list.


When one of his followers asked him if he has joined the RSS, Katju said, “I am not a Sanghi. Sanghis have no brains, and are feudal minded bigots with no scientific ideas”.

While Katju is still hogging the limelight, he hasn’t been touched by anyone. I fail to imagine the fate of someone with a Muslim sounding name making similar comments. What if senior UP minister Azam Khan or Majlis Ittehadul Muslimeen president Asaduddin Owaisi had made the same comment? In such case they would have either been arrested by now or slapped by innumerable police cases across the country.

While I am no fan of Azam Khan and Asaduddin Owaisi, they have been criticized by media and others for far less offensive comments than Katju. The duo or someone with Muslim sounding name might have not been given ample opportunity on different media outlets to clear the air about the comment as Justice Katju got.

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