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Katherine Harper, Tidwell middle school teacher pregnant, had relationship with student

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Katherine Harper is heavily pregnant. She is eighth month into her pregnancy. Now it has been revealed that the woman was into a steady relationship with a student of a school where she was a teacher. The 27-year old Harper worked as a tennis coach in the school.

A Sun report claims that the woman is accused of having slept with the boy multiple times over the past several months. Nonetheless, it is unclear if she was impregnated by the boy or she was having multiple affairs with other men. By the way a fourteen year or fifteen year old boys impregnating women much older than them is nothing surprising, what is surprising is a teacher sleeping with a young child.

Besides having sex with the child over a period of several months, the woman is also accused of sending nude selfies to the kid during their affair.

The issue wouldn’t have come to light even now, had school officials not received an anonymous call in this regard. Officials claim that the teacher and the pupil actually hooked up after sending flirty texts to each other, say police. The woman reportedly went to the teen’s home where they drank booze before stripping. He then performed a sex act on her, according to the documents.

In a report that seems very strange indeed is the easy way with which they had sex at the boy’s residence. Investigators who seized the lad’s mobile phone said the two communicated with each other 76 times. It is amazing that the parents of the boy didn’t feel suspicious about the child’s teacher coming too often to their home and spending hours with the boy. Harper, who was also a cheerleader and taught the boy English at Tidwell Middle School, Roanoke, Texas, has been charged with having an improper relationship with the student.

It is said that the school officials were alerted about this unethical relationship last year too. But as there was nothing to back the suspicion, the investigation was discontinued. This is because of the fact that the school authorities didn’t know as to who was the student. Later the investigation was opened in December and then things started becoming clear.

In the meantime there is question mark over the parentage of the teacher’s child. “Harper is eight months pregnant, but it is unclear whether the 15-year-old is the child’s father” says a report in the People magazine. A report in the Fox 4 claims that school officials were alerted about the illicit relationship “through an anonymous tip via the district website that said the boy and Harper were having sex and also claimed she was also pregnant…although the arrest warrant never explicitly states if the 15-year-old is the baby’s father.”

While talking about the relationship, the People report says, that the teacher “was arrested and charged with improper relationship between an educator and student, a second degree felony, for allegedly having a summer-long sexual relationship last year with a student she met at Tidwell Middle School.”

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