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Kasganj riots: What Urdu media says

Kasganj riots photos

Kasganj riots: What Urdu media says
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Three days after the mindless violence in Uttar Pradesh’s Kasganj, life is yet to return to normalcy. One person was killed in the bloody violence that hit the town hard on the 26th January.

Meanwhile, amid one-sided action against the minority community third day in a row, a shop was put on fire in the city. There is widespread resentment and terror among the minority community since the city faced the communal violence on 26th january.

Till now 60 people have been arrested and police have claimed that tehy have discovered the gun used in the death of a person. Drone cameras are being used to keep an eye on the anti-social elements in the city.

Kasganj riots photos

Nonetheless, a report in the Urdu daily Inquilab says, that the police is terrorising the Muslims of the town. “Ever since the violence, curfew has been clamped down in mostly Muslim majority areas of the town and there are reports of one-sided police action against the Muslim community. This has badly terrorized the Muslim community in the riot affected city.”

“Police is mostly taking action against the Muslims. A number of Muslim youth from the town have been arrested. When Inquilab talked to local leaders, they expressed apprehension and fear. There are reports of internet, mobile outage besides stopping electricity and water supply to the Muslim areas” says the Inquilab report.

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The Inquilab report goes on to add that “Muslims in Kasganj are fearful that the communal elements in the town may attack their areas after regrouping and rearming. It should be made clear here that the violence was perpetrated by the VHP and Bajrang Dal hoodlums when they attacked Muslims who were preparing to celebrate the Republic Day there. After using abusive words and raising anti-Muslim slogans, the VHP goons attacked Muslims. Despite the presence of a large number of police force they continued attacking the minority community and targeting their shops and other properties in the market areas.

The leading Urdu daily Roznama Sahara’s editorial on 29th January says,

“The violence that began in Uttar Pradesh’s Kasganj isn’t showing any sign of abetting. On Sunday too, criminal elements and rioters continued to have a field day in the city. Till now 60 people have been arrested and FIR has been filed against seven of these people. The violence started in this town when on 26th January, the Vishwa Hindu Parishad(VHP) took out a tri-colour rally and raised slogans like ‘Hindustan Mein Rehna hai to Vande Matram kehna hoga warna jao Pakistan (you will have to recite Vande Matram to be able to live in India or go to Pakistan) and similarly provocative slogans. When some people objected to such slogans, the violence started. Soon the rioters had a free hand and they started arson and loot across the city. Two people got severely injured in the violence. One of them lost his life while being taken to the hospital…Sadhwi Parachi too further inflamed the situation. Though she was denied entry into the town she asked Hindus to remove Muslims living in their areas”.

The Roznama Sahara editorial goes on to add, “There is no denying that a section of the saffron camp doesn’t want to lose any opportunity to further the communal divide in the country. Some people seem to have taken the mantle of declaring Muslims anti-national. The way effort is being made to create communal divide in the country is a huge challenge for peace and harmony in the country.Their moral is further boosted when police and administration fails to take severe action against them. The question that arises following the violence in Kasganj is why police and administration failed to take serious action against rioters from the beginning.This is the reason that rioting continued in the town even on third day in a row”

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