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Karnal mosque desecrated, Muslims threatened

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Karnal: A number of miscreants working for VHP and Bajrang Dal entered a place of worship in Karnal and desecrated the place by walking with shoes inside the holy place. They were shouting Hindu religious slogans Jai Shree Ram and hoisted saffron flag on the first floor of the place.

When Maulana Muhammad Ahmad, a Khateeb of the mosque tried to stop them, the miscreants shouted at him that they have nothing to do with him, so he should stay back. Later, when someone tried to make a video of them on his phone, they broke his phone.

Later they themselves made a video of the saffron flag on the place of worship while the cries of Jai Shree Ram resounded.

They also cried out slogans against Muslims and threatened them of dire consequences.

There are very few Muslims in Karnal and the incident has terrorized the small Muslim community of the town. People stayed inside their houses fearing violence against them. Miscreants continued their ruckus inside the mosque. Then someone informed the authorities.

The General Secretary of the State Masjids Maulana Muammad Ramzan informed Raees Khan, Chairman of Waqf Board, who immediately came in touch with SP and DSP.

Later police force headed by SP of Karnal arrived on the scene. At the sight of the police, the miscreants fled from the mosque. They are still to be apprehended and arrested. The police force has still been unable to locate them after they fled from under their nose.

The police is either unable to locate the miscreants or is just trying to throw the matter under the carpet. On the other hand, Maulana Muhammad Ahmad is traumatized and in no position to give any statement about his harrowing experience.

According to Maulana Md Ramzan the masjid belongs to the Waqf Board and the imam for the masjid has been appointed by the board. The question arises that who is the target of this kind of desecration of a place of worship and shouting slogans from its rooftop and hoisting the saffron flag? He also mentioned that only a few yards from the masjid there is a police post. How did the miscreants manage to carry on with their roguery for so long and flee from the place so easily?

Imtiyaz Khizir, Administrative Officer of Haryana Waqf Board says that Karnal State Officer Moinuddin has been asked to take action regarding this incident.

Last year in a village in Karnal the roof of another mosque was demolished. Neither was anyone arrested at that time nor today. This is a clear encouragement to the miscreants and today it is Karnal tomorrow more places of worship would be targeted. The incident has left the people of the area so terrorized that no one is ready to speak anything even on phone. (Translated from Inquilab daily)

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