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Justice Katju offers Kashmir, Bihar to Pakistan in sarcastic post, gets trolled

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New Delhi: Amidst mounting India – Pakistan tension following Uri terrorist attack Justice Markanday Katju is under attack for a sarcastic message on social media.

Former Supreme Court judge Markandey Katju has always hogged media highlight whether he was in the apex court or not. To be fair, the apex court chief justice may not be getting the sort of media traction that comes Justice Markandey Katju’s way on a daily basis.

Even when he is not in the media he writes exclusively for his more than five million followers on social media. His writings, without doubt, are loved by millions of his followers on Facebook and he loves to respond to them in person.


But today Justice Katju is at the receiving end following a comment that he made on the Facebook. The apparently sarcastic comment has not just gone viral on the internet and social media, but has also angered many people across the country, especially in Bihar.

While addressing Pakistanis, the former apex court judge wrote on Facebook, “You have to take the whole package, or none at all. Either you take both Kashmir and Bihar, or nothing.” Katju’s comment drew attacks, prompting him to say he was only joking. “I respect Biharis. Bhar has made a big contribution…it has seen great men like Gautam Buddha, Chandragupta Maurya and Ashok,” he said.

When attacked by politicians and people from Bihar, in another comment on his Facebook page, he said, “Do you think I will seriously ask Pakistan to take the offer? I joke about many communities. Do you think I will seriously offer Bihar with Kashmir to Pakistan? It was just a joke and people should develop a sense of humour.”

Later he showed that he was at the receiving end of flack from Biharis. “I was only joking about Bihar, but here are some fb messages and comments on my fb page, probably all from Biharis, which I received ( there are hundreds more ). Most people in India lack a sense of humour…I think a ‘ Gaali Competition ‘ should be started between Biharis and people of other states. I will give a gold medal to the winner. Perhaps U.P.ites will give a stiff contest to Biharis for the choicest gaalis”, said he.

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