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Justice Katju attacks Arnab Goswamy for creating jingoism, hysteria about Pak, Kashmir

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New Delhi: The suddenness of the news took many of his admirers and critics off guard. People either love him or hate him and believe me there are millions and millions of people in both the camps.

So when the news suddenly appeared that Arnab Goswami had resigned from TimesNow, people were not ready to believe the report. There are several reasons for it and the most important was the fact that it was Arnab Goswami who made the TimesNow into top English news channel in the country, decimating all the rivals.

While you can disagree with him on almost everything and you can be right about all those things, you cannot negate that it was he who singlehandedly destroyed all the other television channels. TimesNow attracted 80 percent of the whole English news channel’s share in the country, making it the top for the last eight years in a row.


Reports suggest that Goswami was at loggerhead with Bennett Coleman Group that also runs Times of India and Economic Times. A report in the FirstPost says, “There were occasions, it is reliably learnt, when the top management headed by Times CEO Raj Jain deliberated on some of the “position” taken by Goswami that was not in sync with the management. In one such incident where the discussion revolved around Pakistani actors participating in Bollywood movie, Goswami told one of his studio guests that he goes by his own, nationalist position, his own diktat and not of others. The statement was at variance with the one tweeted by one of the topmost owners of the Bennett Coleman Group, triggering instant speculation in the media circles that certain friction existed between the Jains and India’s most favoured news anchor”.

In the meantime former Supreme Court judge Justice Markundey Katju has made a scathing attack against Swami saying he doesn’t even recognize him as a journalist, let alone as a great journalist.

On his Facebook post Justice Katju said, “I do not regard him as a journalist at all. A journalist must be objective, and report the truth irrespective of his own personal opinions. Arnab was anything but that.
He went on to add, “On almost every issue he had a slant and a pre-determined mind, and would lash out, often rudely, against anyone opposing his viewpoint…He would give a lot of time to the panelists supporting his viewpoint, but hardly allow those opposing it to speak, often intervening when they had hardly begun speaking. He was fond of his own voice, which is not expected of an anchor. An anchor should be like a referee in a football match, neither playing nor advising the players how to play, but only blowing his whistle when a foul was committed or the ball goes outside the ground. He must be absolutely neutral. Arnab was anything but that”.

Justice Katju who appeared on his NewsHour several times said, “He resorted to jingoism and whipping up a war like hysteria in his shows about Pakistan and Kashmir…He often twisted facts and suppressed the truth deliberately. Take for instance his statements on the Bhopal ‘encounter’”.

Katju said that Arnab often reminded me of William Hearst ( 1863-1951 ) who published the Hearst group of newspapers and journals in America. Hearst played a huge part in arousing the public’s intention to go to war with Spain. This activity reached its zenith after several years of articles concerning the situation in Cuba, Hearst ran a series of articles blaming the Spanish for the sinking of the American ship MAINE with a mine. Hearst’s powerful articles pushed many Americans towards war with Spain. Because of his leading role in inciting the war, Hearst was nicknamed the “Father of Yellow Journalism.”

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