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Jordyn Grace & Collette Sulcer – 3-year old child clanging to dead mother in Texas, photos

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Death Toll from Hurricane Harvey and the subsequent heavy rains have taken a huge toll on Houston and surrounding areas. As many as 38 people have been confirmed dead and many more are left stranded. At least three hundred thousand people have taken refuge in different government and private run shelters.

As the water starts to recede, the true extent of the damage caused by Harvey and the incessant rains that broke almost every record in the region will become known.

Reports suggest that there was around 40-inches of rains in Houston and even more in some surrounding places. This much rain is usually received by the region in around eight months.


From police officials to rescue workers, deaths have been reported from different backgrounds. Every story of loss of life is dreadful. But right now people have been talking about a girl of three years who was found clinging to her dead mother’s body.

Reports suggest that rescuers discovered 3-year-old Jordyn Grace shivering from hypothermia as she clung to her mother’s lifeless body. When the child was comforted, little Jordyn said to one of her relatives “Mama was saying her prayers”. She was found from Beaumont, Texas.

Reports suggest that a witness told Capt. Brad Penisson of the fire-rescue department in Beaumont, Texas that Jordyn’s mother Colette Sulcer left her vehicle which was located at flooded parking lot. As she held little Jordyn and tried to walk to safety, the powerful current from a nearby drainage canal swept them both away.

Reports suggest that Collette Sulcer and Jordyn Grace were in the mother’s car when it was hit by powerful surging water, A statement by the Beaumont police says, “Tuesday, August 29, 2017 at 3:37 PM Officers responded to the area of 50 IH10 N, south bound service road in reference to a high water rescue. A 41 year old Beaumont woman, identified as Colette Sulcer and her young female child were traveling south bound on the service road and got into high water. She pulled her vehicle in to the Plaza 10 parking lot. The vehicle got stuck and the mother exited the car with the child. At some point she was swept into the canal and ended up floating about ½ mile from her vehicle. Two Beaumont Police Officers and two Beaumont Fire Rescue divers in a Zodiac boat, spotted the mother floating with the small child. The child was holding on to her mother. The first responders got to the mother and child just before they went under a trestle. Water was up to the trestle and first responders would not have been able to save the child if they had floated under it. Officers pulled the child and the mother into the boat and got them to the area of the 3700 block of Bayou. The mother was unresponsive. The child was responsive but suffering from hypothermia. First responders took turn performing CPR until they could get her to an ambulance. Water was still high so a citizen helped by allowing first responders to load the mother and daughter in his truck and brought them all to a waiting ambulance at Laurel and 23rd St. The mother died but the child is in stable condition”.

A report in The Times says, “Jordyn told me they were in the yucky water for quite a while. It’s a tragedy that her mama died, but it’s a miracle that Jordyn survived.” Anotehr report by The New York Times claims that Jordyn Grace who was suffering from hypothermia, “was clutching her mother’s unresponsive body as the floodwaters rose around her. A rescue team …spotted the small pink backpack the girl was wearing and pulled her and her mother aboard.”

In the meantime, a GoFundMe page has raised more than $57,000 for the child within three hours earlier today. The GoFundMe page has been set up by Michael Skolnik, of Brooklyn, New York. “This story has broken my heart and I feel we have to do something for this little girl,” he wrote.

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