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Jo Marney racist messages against Meghan Markle: All you need to know

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Henry Bolton, the leader of the right wing U.K. Independence Party has reportedly split with his girlfriend following publication of her comments laced with racism and bigotry. The messages were sent by 54-year old Henry Bolton’s 25-year old girlfriend Jo Marney. The woman had sent the messages to one of her friends about Prince Harry’s fiancee, Meghan Markle, and black people.

The messages sent by Jo Marney were published prominently by the leading British tabloid, the Daily Mail, seem on the verge of xenophobia and deep rooted racism. There is no denying that many right wingers seem to detest everything black and alien, nonetheless Prince Harry’s girlfriend is not really black.


The ranting against the blacks and Muslims seems rather strange coming from a person whose boyfriend leads a reasonably known political party in the UK. While describing her parentage and ancestry, Markle said: “My dad is Caucasian and my mom is African American. I’m half black and half white. … I have come to embrace [this and] say who I am, to share where I’m from, to voice my pride in being a strong, confident, mixed-race woman.” Her mother is descended from Africans enslaved in Georgia, and her father from Dutch, English, and Irish is said that among her father’s ancestors are Captain Christopher Hussey, Sir Philip Wentworth and his wife, Mary Clifford, a descendant of King Edward III of England.

The Ukip leadership took a firm stand against the outburst asking Henry Bolton to step down and take some tough measures. Joe Merry who doesn’t have any official role in the Ukip has repeatedly been called the “bad girl of Brexit” for her role in promoting the party’s push to leave the European Union.

While writing a text messages to one of her friends Marney described Markle as , “Just a dumb little commoner. Tiny brain”. If that was not enough she went on to add,“She’s black. A dumb little ‘actress’ no one heard of. This is Britain, not Africa.”

The outrage that the messages caused forced her boyfriend Bolton to go weak in the knees and tell BBC’s Radio 4, “The romantic element of the relationship is over, I’m afraid, as of last night,” according to The Guardian. He said her comments were “indefensible.” Nonetheless, he wants to stick to his post and doesn’t plan to step down. “No, not at all. I have no intention of resigning. And indeed the people who have been calling for my resignation are people who for some time have been trying to undermine the leadership of the party in any case” he went on to add.

Nonetheless he didn’t shy away from trying to shield her from the condemnations that have been pouring in since the comments were reported in the media. “I’ll be entirely honest, however appalling and insulting those comments that they made in those direct personal messages are, I honestly don’t believe that those are her core beliefs…I’m going to stand by her and the family in terms of trying to put her life back together. This is not a cold parting of the ways”, said he.
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“I wouldn’t with a negro.” Her friend replied, “what’s wrong with black people?” Marney further texted, “Ugly. Not my thing. They don’t me on. Harry’s marrying … God! Wet as a scrubber. Awful. A royal yank. yuck.”

Her friend trying to provoker her further asked, “what’s wrong with her?” In response Marney said “She’s a ‘gender equality t***. She’s obsessed with racist. And her seed [will] taint our royal family. Just a dumb little commoner. Tiny brain. She’s black. A dumb little ‘actress’ no one has heard of. This is Britain, not Africa.”

If that was not enough, she further said, “Not wanting other races and cultures to invade your own culture doesn’t mean I hate their race. Just means I don’t want their cultures invading mine. Just don’t like her. She’s a black American. Pushing their way to the top slowly slowly. Next will be a Muslim Pm. And a black king.”

A Kent native, Marney says she is a “presenter, music journalist, model, actor [and] Brexiteer”. She has worked as a glamour model, and also appeared in catwalk shows. She was featured in the music video for X Factor winner Sam Callahan’s song “Burns Like Fire,” according to The Sun. She went to Rochester Independent College and Canterbury Christ Church University, obtaining a BA in journalism.

A Daily Mail report says that Henry Bolton, a former Army officer left his wife Tatiana Smurova for Marney. He and his ex-Russian born wife have two children together and his romance with Marney created controversy in the media. In the meantime Jo Marney photos, pictures and images are going viral ever since her racist rants started appearing in the media.

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