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Jamaat’s Muslim Personal law campaign brings Shias, Sunnis, Ahle Hadith on single platform

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Mumbai: Issues purely related to Islamic Law, like triple talaq, nikah, khula (divorce initiated by wife in Islam) and inheritance laws have been trifled with by communal forces and by the government. They have played with the emotions of Muslim women by showing false sympathy towards them.

To counter these moves and enlighten Muslims about the helpful and practical edicts of Sharia Law, Jamaet-e-Islami Hind has organised a 15 day long “Muslim Personal Law Awareness Campaign” across the country. The campaign was launched Sunday evening and it will continue till May 7, through various ways across the country. On Sunday, various speakers addressed a huge crowd in Mumbai on the topic “Muslim Personal Law and our Responsibility”.

Engineer Mohd. Saleem, General Secretary of Jamat e Islami Hind, said during his address, “In our country Muslims have been facing opposition and negative propaganda for the last 80 – 90 years. Conspiracies against Muslims have remained unabated but the situation is not yet as bleak as is popularly being portrayed. The truth is that whenever Muslims have faced difficult times, they have emerged more powerful.”

Backing the decision about the campaign, he said, “This campaign has not been started as a revolt or protest. This campaign has been started to bring awareness and the correct picture of Islam to Muslims women and youth. This is to bring to their notice what actions are against Islam and how they can be changed to be more Islamically correct.” He stressed that this movement is not the sole responsibility of Jamaat e Islami Hind but that of every knowledgeable Muslim individual. He informed that the campaign has been started after thorough consideration by Muslims thinkers, scholars and clerics. A unified message signed by all major scholars has also been issued for the people.”

Salim said, “By highlighting triple talaq, the original issue is being thrown under the rug by the negative campaigners. The government is hiding its secret agenda behind these false issues. The government also needs to be told that rights regarding the personal law have been granted by the Constitution to us and the country is better off and safer when it is not interfered in and tampered by external sources. Personal Law protects all communities residing in the country. And since Muslims Personal Law is from Allah, there is no question of introducing changes in it. Section 44 of the Constitution is cited but why is there silence regarding ban on alchoholic drinks?”

According to Engineer Saleem, “We have to deal with both internal and external situations by staying united and by reintroducing the laws granted by the Constitution and social systems dictated by Islam, through this process the positive  message can be widely propagated.”

Chief of Shia Ulama Board Maulana Zaheer Abbas Rizvi said in his address, “If we want to lead a respectable life then we have to face the current situation in unity. We have deliberately been entangled in matters like nikah and talaq, but the good that can we glean from such a situation is that we have got a chance to think and review our position together.”

Addressing people of the Intelligence field, he said, “Please pay heed that we have not created these laws by ourselves. We have been handed the Laws of Sharia by the Quran through Prophet Muhammad. So there is no question of introducing changes in it. We can lay down our lives but will not bear changes in Sharia.”

Addressing the Muslim women and youth, he said, “special attention must be given to the upbringing of children and take charge in helping them get the right kind of education.” he further stressed that these peoblems are not limited to any particular sect, but the problem of all sects and groups.

Maulana Mahmood Ahmad Daryabadi, General Secretary of All India Ulma Council, stressed on the point saying, “Declaring triple talaq in one sitting is tantamount to committing a crime. Sayyidina Umar Farouq used to have such people whipped. If any law is made about those giving triple talaq, then the government can talk about it to a big group of Muslims. But the sad truth is that the government is using Muslim women against us by showing false sympathy. If this continues and women are taken in by these false sentiments, then situation can get aggravated.”

Enlightening the people about important matters, Advocate Saeed Akhtar said, “Land records are being tampered in the name of digitalisation. Keep an eye on properties owned by Waqf Board and its record because corruption is seeping here too.”

Engineer Taufeeq Aslam Khan, Ameer of Jamat Islami Maharashtra and Maulana Aslam Sayad, Imam of Ahle Hadeeth Masjid, Mominpura also expressed their views. Director of the gathering was Mohammad Rashid Khan, member of Jamat Islami.

Translated from Inquilab by Nabila Habib

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