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Is Prime Minister Modi serious for Muslim or Muslim women’s welfare?

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In the current environment of terror and harassment in the country, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s pretence to express sympathy with the Muslim community has been strongly dismissed by opposition parties. On the contrary, the opposition has said that BJP leaders spreading hatred in the society need to be told to shut up and action taken against them.

During a recent BJP national executive meet in Odisha, Prime Minister broke his silence on the apparent condition of Muslims in the Indian society and said, “It is the need of the time to organize a meeting of the Muslim community. They are the most backward class in the country right now.”

He was speaking about the suggestion presented by Hukum Dev Singh. The proposal by Hukum Dev Singh was welcomed by Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shiv Raj Singh Chauhan, Raghuveer Das and Dharmendra Pradhan. It can be remembered at this point that Modi had previously spoken about saving the Muslim women from the scourge of triple talaq and it attracted much criticism. Nonetheless his suggest was met with opposition as there were demand to provide justice to Zakia Jafri, the wife of former MP Ehsan Jafri.

Nationalist Party leader and renowned lawyer, Majeed Memon, Congress spokesperson Meem Afzal, TMC leader Sultan Ahmad and BSP MP Md Salim Ansari expressed strong criticism on Modi’s comment.

Memon questioned the sudden sympathy expressed by Modi for Muslims and Muslim women. Criticizing Modi’s intention, he pointed out that the if the Prime Minister was really concerned about the lot of Muslims, then instead of idle words he would take steps to contain the vitriolic tongues of his MPs, MLAs and ministers who keep polluting the environment with their communal comments and actions. He said that the speeches of BJP leaders are so poisonous these days that the country is filled with terror and communities are feeling more harassed than ever. He pointed out that Muslims are selling off their cows and pet animals fearing attack from Saffron goons.

Majeed pointed out that Modi needs to address the environment of terror first and then talk about Muslims’ backwardness. He added that if he is true to his words, he shouldn’t oppose the 12 percent reservation being given by Telangana government to the largely backward Muslim community in the state. he said instead of comparing the state with Pakistan, it was sane to assist chief minister implement the reservation in Telangana.

Congress spokesperson Meem Afzal boldly criticized Modi. He said that Modi should give priority to control motor mouths like Sakshi Maharaj, Giriraj Singh and Praveen Togadia who enjoy BJP support and spread communal hatred in the society, before he thinks about the backward Muslim classes. He questioned Modi’s awareness about the comments by Venkaiyah Naidu. He pointed out that no one is asking for reservation based on religion and there is no way another Pakistan can be created inside India. He added that any reservation that Muslims are getting is according to OBC quotas.

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