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iPhone 8 launch nears – Will it make Apple 1st trillion dollar company?

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The iPhone 8 release date is fast approaching. This is no denying about it. But exactly when the most awaited smartphone of the year will be launched is not clear as yet.

The Cupertino based tech giant never gives an insight to its fan base, spread across the globe, as to when it will launch its next version of iPhone. Though, people not just get an idea through, umpteen leaks from different sources, many of whom seem to have direct access to Apple suppliers and its parts manufacturers, they also get rather exact idea when it is coming.

So, while Apple may not be letting us know what to expect in the forthcoming version of iPhone, we know a lot about iPhone 8’s specifications and features.

The handset is all set to arrive this fall. There are many people who believe that the iPhone 8 will allow the tech giant to become the first $1 trillion company in the world.

Apple is the most profitable company in the world and earned $45 billion last year. A Fortune report says, “After more than a decade of solid growth fueled first by the iPod music player and then by the even more popular iPhone, Apple finally appeared to hit a wall, with lackluster sales “relatively speaking” for other products such as the iPad and Apple Watch and a heavy reliance on upgraded phone models. But the most profitable publicly-traded company in the world is investing heavily in software and its efforts in new areas of opportunity, including automobiles, remain in development (and under wraps)”.

There are chances that Apple will launch iPhone 8 in September.

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