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Indian Muslims, Urdu media support Army’s surgical strikes against Pakistan

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Indian Muslims have unanimously supported India’s surgical strikes against Pakistan. From common citizens across the country to Muslim leaders like Salman Khursheed and Asaduddin Owaisi and film stars like Shah Rukh Khan and others, everyone stands solidly behind the Indian Army.

Urdu media too has supported the surgical strikes against Pakistan and said that there was no other recourse left.

Here is the editorial in today’s Urdu Times, Mumbai based Urdu daily

After showing utmost restraint, India finally conducted surgical strikes against Pakistan. The surgical strikes were conducted in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (POK). While Pakistan is extremely angry over the surgical strikes at terrorist camps in POK, but simultaneously it is claiming that the assertion is false and that there were no surgical strikes inside Pakistan.


It must be kept in mind that Pakistan has always lied in everything. Its words cannot be trusted as all its assertions are based on falsehood. Our brave soldiers went as much as three kilometers deep inside Pakistan to take revenge for the death of our soldiers in Uri terrorist attack. They annihilated as many as 38 soldiers and their protectors.

It should be kept in mind that it is just a trailer of a full length movie. Before the real movie begins, Pakistan will have to tread very cautiously as a wrong step and its destruction is assured. There is still time for Pakistan to realize and mend its ways. If it doesn’t come into its senses and realizes its limitation everything will be lost for it.

India has shown utmost patience. Despite the whole nation solidly standing behind Prime Minister Narendra Modi and demanding that Pakistan should be attacked and taught a lesson, he has been expecting cooperation from Pakistan.

But now as things became unbearable, the first reaction from India has come in the form of surgical strikes inside Pakistan Occupied Kashmir. Even during this surgical strike, India showed utmost restraint as it attacked very limited area and only the places where terrorists were present. India, even in such heightened tension, didn’t attack population centers or even Pakistani Army targets. Therefore Pakistan cannot claim that India attacked either its soldiers or its military installations.

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