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How Aijaz Ahmad Md. Samiullah from Mumbra cracked IAS?

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Mumbra: Aijaz Ahmad Md. Samiullah’s story may give hope to many young Muslim UPSC civil services aspirants. Many people give up after a couple of attempts. If they don’t get disheartened, it is their family members who pull them down asking them to give up and try something else.

He lost UPSC civil services exams by a whisker on many occasions. He felt disheartened. But didn’t give up. On seventh occasion he succeeded and cracked India’s most difficult and prestigious exam.

“All the success and progress of this world comes from the Almighty. My success is also a part of His approval. I am very grateful to Allah for blessing me with this success. Persistence is necessary for success. Persistence, single mindedness, struggle and dedication are key role to my success. And there is also the great part played by my parents, my relatives and guardians who backed me and encouraged me to go on,” says Aijaz Ahmad Md. Samiullah.

Samiudding is the local boy from Ghazipur, Uttar Pradesh, who has cracked the UPSC exams this year.

He says, “Our village had school only till class 10. For higher education in college I had to relocate to Mumbra where my elder sister lives. After completing class 12th in Mumbra, I graduated from a college in Thane. After that I successfully completed my Masters from IGNOU. During my education I continued to scan the newspapers for information on competitive exams. My father and grandfather both are employed by the Indian Army. I also wanted to serve my country like them. I wanted to offer my services to my country. So I decided to work hard and crack the UPSC exam. This was my way of serving my country. As a result of my single mindedness, I was able to succeed.”

Samiuddin goes on to add, “I attempted the UPSC exam for the first time in 2011. But I missed by a few points. I kept on trying and succeeded on the seventh trial.”

How he prepared
“My father and sister still live in Mumbra but I have been living in JMI (Jamia Millia Islamia) for the last three years, says Samiuddin, adding, “My routine was to wake up for early morning prayer of Fajr and study till noon prayer of Zuhr. I took a break for namaz and meals. Then got down to study again after noon prayers. I would call it a day post night prayers of Isha. This is how I prepared for the exam. Besides this preparation, my confidence and persistence made me successful.”

Answering another question, Samiuddin said, “Mumbra has got a bad name. I want to change this image of Mumbra. I wanted to prove that through our education we can try to change the image of Mumbra in the rest of the country. I am grateful to Allah that my dream is being fulfilled. I am the first IAS from Mumbra. I want to do something for the youth of Mumbra and inspire them to study hard and become successful in life and change the bad name given to Mumbra.”

“If the success graph of Mumbra has to go up, then special attention needs to be given to the education of Mumbra’s residents. Institutions of higher education need to be established here. Education is the weapon that can carve the success story of Mumbra” adds Samiuddin.

Hurdles and challenges
While talking about the hurdles he faced during his preparation, Samiuddin said, “I would suffer from low self esteem everytime I failed to succeed in the exam. But I always recovered and bounced back after sometime. Then I would get down to the hard work again. This continuity is what has paid off now.”

Tips for civil services aspirants
Samiudding has tips for those who want to prepare for UPSC exam. He says, “Both the parents and student need to have faith in his abilities. They need to believe in each other that success will one day be theirs. Organisations in this field need to provide monetary aid to IAS aspirants for those who have a weak economic background.”

When asked about his future posting, Samiudding says, “Where ever I am posted in India I would be serving my country and my community. I will keep trying to bring more successes to my country and community.”

As a message for the youth, Samiudding quoted Allama Iqbal, “Nahin tera nasheman qasre sultani ke gunbad par,
Tu shaheeN hai, basera kar pahaadoN ki chattanoN meiN.”

Translated from Inquilab

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