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Houthis launch ballistic missile at Saudi oil refinery in Yanbu province

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Saudi Arabia invaded the war-torn and impoverished Yemen more than two years ago. After hte loss of thousands of lives of Yemenis and the death of hundreds of Saudi Arabian soldiers, civilians and the death of several hundred its allied soldiers, Saudi Arabia is still unable to decimate Houthi militia.

To be true, the Saudi war machines, by far the most powerful in the Middle East, certainly after Israeli Defense Forces, has been unable to drive out the rag tag Shia militia from Yemeni capital, Sana, besides many other big cities.

In the meantime, the threat of Houthi inflicting serious damages to Saudi Arabia seems to be coming true.. In one of the most daring such attacks, the Houthi militia reportedly attacked a Saudi oil refinery yesterday with a ballistic missile, reported Middle East Monitor.

The Middle East Monitor Report claims, “The ballistic ‘Burkan-2’ missile hit a refinery inside the border of Saudi Arabia, in the western coast of Yanbu province. The missile travelled 1,100 kilometres without being intercepted by Saudi Arabia’s air force defence systems”.

“A large explosion and fire occurred upon impact, forcing Saudi firefighters to work throughout the night to extinguish the explosion…Houthis regularly conduct military incursions and execute missiles across Saudi Arabia’s southern border”, the report goes on to add.

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