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Hindu Mahasabha activists ‘purify’ place after Muslim prayers

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Aligarh: In Aligarh members of All India Hindu Mahasabha sprinkled water from Ganga to purify the area outside the Collectorate where Muslims had offered namaz a few days ago. This immediately spurred the Aligarh police authorities in action and they got posted around the area. Seven members of Hindu Mahasabha were arrested for triggering communalism in the area.

On April 29, 2017, due to construction of drains for a few days, sewage water had clogged in the Delhi Gate area and the sewage water had started to collect inside the Rahmania Masjid in Mahfooznagar. Several Muslims had gone to complain about the sewage water clogging inside the mosque to the Collectorate Office. During the process, it was time for namaz, so the people decided to offer namaz outside the Collectorate office.

When the news of people offering namaz outside the Collectorate office reached the Hindu Mahasabha, seven workers of the organisation came with water from river Ganga to ‘purify’ the area where namaz was offered.

They claimed that it is wrong to offer namaz outside the Collectorate office because the place to worship is set for every religion. Muslims should offer namaz only inside Mosques and offering namaz in any general public place is inappropriate. Sources said that the workers then thoroughly washed, then prayed and did their best to ‘purify’ the area outside the Collectorate gate where the namaz was offered.

Then the members explained that the area had to be ‘purified’ with ‘puja and paath’ and other process so that the negative impact that Muslim prayers might have caused can be ‘washed off’. Chief of Mahasabha Ashok Pande accused the Muslims concerned that the act of offering namaz was premeditated and they had offered namaz right outside the gate of Collectorate office as part of some secret conspiracy.

He questioned how can anyone offer namaz on any road at any time? He said that if the mosque was filling up with clogged water then they should have gone to some other mosque to offer namaz. He went on to accuse the Muslims of polluting the environment of the area with communal tension.

When National Secretary of Hindu Mahasabha, Puja Shagun Pande, was asked to speak about this whole issue, she said that Muslims had prayed by the Collectorate gate for the first time in 200 years. But when five Mahasabha members went to purify the area they were put behind bars. How is it correct that Muslims can offer namaz by the gate but Hindu Mahasabha members cannot purify the area? A case is immediately lodged against them.

Regarding the matter, Aligarh SSP Rajesh Pande said, “Some people offered namaz by the Collectorate gate. Then some people came and purified the area by the collectorate gate without permission. We have arrested 7 people and they are charged with section 144 and their case is in progress.”

(Translated from Inquilab)

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