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Gujarati Muslims refuse to be provoked despite BJP’s all out efforts

By Syed Ubaidur Rahman

Muslims make around ten per cent of the state population in the poll-bound Gujarat. While every socio-religious group has garnered lots of attention from political parties, trying to attract votes of that particular caste or social group, Muslims have been completely forgotten by almost everyone.

It is not that Muslims are not being mentioned. BJP has tried to bring Muslim community in the limelight by comparing soon to be the Congress President Rahul Gandhi with Mughals. Yogi Aditya Nath, who has become a sort of poster boy of Hindutva politics following his spectacular win in Uttar Pradesh, suggested the other day that Rahul Gadhi’s sitting posture in a temple was akin to posture of devotees in a namaz.

This is certainly something that touches raw nerves in a communally polarized state like Gujarat. BJP’s leaders are consciously trying to bring their old narrative of communal polarization in the state to make people forget issues like GST and demonetization, disenchantment of several caste based groups with its poll promises and severe anti-incumbency factor at play.

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