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Gregg Allman wives – names, photos, videos

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Gregg Allman’s death is being mourned by his fans across the US and beyond. The 69-year old breathed his last at his home in Georgia.

The actor who married seven women at different points of time fathered as many as five children. While two sons and a daughter have gained fame over the years, notwithstanding the fact that they were not raised by him, two have remained rather unknown from the media circle. But it is said that out of the five, four have won laurels for their music, singing, composing skills.

It is disappointing to see that no statement was released by his family members, including his five children. This may be due to the fact that not many of them felt particularly close to him due to the fact that they all were abandoned by him. One of his children, Devon reportedly met him when he was a teenager.

He had suffered from a spate on health issues including Hepatitis C, liver transplant in 2010. Reports suggest that he died due to liver cancer, though not many people know that he was actually suffering from it.

The music legend actually married twice in a short span of two year. When his top selling album Brothers and Sisters was launched he was married first to Shelley Kay Winters in 1971, and then to Janice Blair in 1973. In both the cases he separated with his wives within a year of being married.

With Shelley Kay Winters he had a son Devon Allman in 1972, who has won fame as the lead singer of the rock group Honeytribe.

In the year 1975 he married Cher. She filed for divorce within a few days after marriage due to his heroine and alcohol abuse. But the two reconciled and their marriage lasted a couple of years. According to the 1986 biography Cher, author J. Randy Taraborrelli Allman was “so high” he didn’t even understand that she was telling him their marriage was over. In the year 1977, the two released a duet album, Two the Hard Way under the moniker Allman and Woman.

In his own words, the marriage had no future. “There was no future for us because she has that constant paranoia of (my) going back to alcohol,” Allman told Entertainment Weekly. After their divorce in 1979, Cher dedicated a song, titled “My Song,” to Allman. They had one son, Elijah Blue Allman, who is the singer and lead guitarist of the heavy mental group Deadsy.

The three failed marriages didn’t deter him from trying a fourth marriage. The singer reportedly married Julie Bindas in the year 1979. Even by this time he was unable to control his drug or alcohol problem. “In his continuing battle with alcohol and life, rocker Gregg Allman, 32, has found a new shoulder to lean on: that of his bride of two months, Julie Bindas”, said a report in People magazine way back in the year 1980. While Gregg was 32, his bride was all of 20 years. But still older compared to his last marriage when his wife was forty years younger than him.

Their marriage lasted for five years, very long as far as Allman’s standard is concerned. The two had a daughter, Delilah Island Allman, before they were divorced in the year 1984.

His next marriage took a long time to come. He got married to Danielle Galliano in 1989

By this time he was again back to his alcoholism and drugs and his music career had almost ended. According to Allman, he said that his main reason for marrying Galliano was because he felt that if he waited much longer, he would be too “old and ugly” to get married to anyone. The two remained married for six years before being divorced in 1994.

His second daughter Layla Brooklyn Allman was born in the year 1993 to Shelby Blackburn. Till them he was still married to Galliano.

In the year 2001 the famed singer married Stacey Fountain. A motorcycle accident involving Fountain’s father actually brought them together. “We were on tour at the time…I took the call, so I’m the one who had to tell Stacey” he told a newspaper. Their marriage lasted three years as they were divorced in the year 2004.

At the age of 64 he reportedly married for the seventh time. Shannon Williams was his seventh wife and was 40 years younger than him. While talking of Shannon he said that she was the only true love of his life. “This time I’m really in love,” Allman said in an interview on CNN’s Piers Morgan Tonight. When Morgan asked Gregg Allman how Shannon Williams felt about becoming “wife number seven,” Allman corrected him. “That’s not what she’s becoming,” Allman said. “She’s becoming wife number one. I don’t have a wife, I haven’t had one for years.” His Funeral service details will be updates as soon as available.

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