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Government keeps mum on minorities, Muslims’ killings in response to RTI query

Government keeps mum on minorities, Muslims’ killings in response to RTI query

New Delhi: The BJP that came to power raising issues like corruption and lack of transparency in the governance seems to be losing its love for both the issue. There are enough indications that transparency is going to be a big loser during the BJP reign.

Prior to getting hold of power in New Delhi, the BJP had promised to make the governance more transparent, but within two years this seems to have been completely forgotten by the saffron party. The government has kept mum in response to an RTI asking the government to tell as to how many people belonging to minority communities including Muslims were killed in the country in communal violence. Nonetheless, two months have passed and there has been no response from the government in this regard.

Young journalist and RTI activist Shams Tabrez had asked Union Government several questions regarding the killing of minorities particularly Muslims across the country during the period of the year 2000 and 2016. He had sent the RTI through email but despite two months being passed, he has not yet received any response regarding it from the Union Government.

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He had asked fifteen questions. One of the questions that Tabrez asked included as to how many people belonging to his different groups including teachers, students, journalists, doctors, engineers, Dalits, Muslims, Sikhs and Christians have been killed during this period.

In response to the question, Union Home Ministry sent the RTI petition to National Commission for Scheduled Tribes. Tabrez says that he can imagine the answer that is expected from the Commission for Schedule castes and Schedule Tribes. And they gave only one response in this regard and that they have no knowledge about the fifteen questions posed to them.

The question that must be kept in mind is the fact that no question in the RTI was about Schedule Caste and Schedule Tribe Commission. The only answer that the commission said was that it was formed in the year 2004. Nonetheless it didn’t give any response about the questions posed by Shams Tabrez.

While talking to Inquilab, Shams Tabrez said that he had sent petition to Union Home Ministry and hoped that the government will send a detailed response in this regard. He said that every instance of killing is documented by the government. He said that the first question is the fact that why our petition was sent to an institution like SCST commission that had nothing to do with it.

Tabrez said that on July 26, he received a response from Commission informing him that the Commission had no information about the questions asked. He further said that he is amazed why no response was received by him from the concerned institutions. He said that it looks as if the Union Government didn’t even send the questionnaire to the concerned departments. (Inquilab)

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