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Former AMU visiting Prof attends DST/ICMR Workshop

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Former AMU visiting Prof attends DST/ICMR Workshop

Aligarh: Professor Rais Akhtar, former visiting faculty, Aligarh Muslim University and National Fellow, JNU  and Lead Author, Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change recently attended DST/ICMR Workshop on ‘Climate Change Impact on Human Health’, in New Delhi.

During the ‘Climate Change and Vector Borne Diseases’ section of the Workshop, Prof Akhtar interacted with the researchers attending the Workshop and discussed in details, the diseases of Malaria and Dengue.

During the interaction with researchers, Prof Akhtar highlighted that the increased temperature is associated with the occurrence of malaria falciparum cases particularly in eastern and north-eastern regions of India.

Talking on the spread of Dengue, Prof Akhtar highlighted that urban heat island has strong association with dengue outbreaks in Delhi.

Prof Rais Akhtar also presented mementos to Prof C K Varshney, Professor Emeritus, Jawaharlal Nehru University and Dr Ajit Tyagi, former Director General, India Meteorological Department, New Delhi and Koteshwaram Professor and Permanent Representative of India at the World Meteorological Organization, Geneva.

Prof Akhtar’s research on the spread of dengue has been compiled in his book, ‘Climate Change and Human Health Scenario in South and Southeast Asia’ published by Springer Publications, Germany.

Prof Akhtar was assisted by social scientist, Pragya Dutta Gupta and meteorologist Arvind Srivastava in his research for the book.

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