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Find My Phone: How to Find Lost iPhone In Easiest Possible Way

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This is one app that is going to become essential for many people using high end and even medium range smartphones. Top of the line Apple iPhone 7, iPhone 7, Galaxy S7 and many other highend handsets are extremely costly and cause a huge gap in your pockets.

There is no denying that everyone seems to be extremely concerned about the safety of his/ her smartphone. This has become all the more important given the fact that the handset has increasingly become embedded with your bank account and contains almost every detail concerning you, your bank account, credit cards and other details.

Merely the thought of losing the handset somewhere causes chill among many a people. And they are not wrong either. This may cost not just an expensive smartphone, but also a lot more than that.


And the most scared are the owners of Apple smartphones, without doubt the most expensive smartphones in the market. iPhones are among the top targets for thieves looking for a quick buck. If you are concerned about the security of your iPhone as well as the personal and official data on it, Apple has you covered. The company has had the Find My iPhone feature integrated in iPhones and iPads for several years to help you find your lost iPhone. Not sure how to ensure that you can find your lost iPhone? Follow the simple steps below to safeguard your iPhone and the data on it.

It is not very difficult to manage settings to help you find your lost iPhone

Open the Settings app on your iPhone, head to iCloud
Here, tap on Find my iPhone
Turn on the Find My iPhone and Send Last Location functionalities
Go back to the Settings and open Privacy
Under Privacy, open the Location Services

How to find your lost iPhone

If your iPhone is lost somewhere, you either use the Find My iPhone app on another device or open the website and select the Find My iPhone option
Choose the iPhone you lost from the list of your devices that appears on the screen
The Find My iPhone tool will show you the last known location of your lost iPhone, along with options to lock it, wipe out the data on board, and sound out an alarm

With these, you can ensure that none of your personal data is not stolen by a thief who gets his/ her hands on your iPhone, and maybe even recover it.

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