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Nurse Alex Wubbels manhandled by Detective Jeff Payne for refusing blood draw – VIDEO

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This is something unbelievable. While it shows the high-handed attitude of the law enforcement agents, it also shows that the people in medical profession can stand on their own to protect their patients.

Nurse Alex Wubbels has certainly come across as a hero to millions of people who have been reassured by her heroic and firm attitude that when they go to doctors and nurses they are in safe hands. On the contrary, the detective who tried to force the nurse to do what he wanted is being criticized by a large number of people on social media.

Reports suggest that as a Salt Lake City Police detective insisted a nurse in a hospital to draw blood from an unconscious patient, the nurse refused.

Video footage grab

Alex Wubbels, a University of Utah Hospital, Salt Lake City nurse has alleged that Salt Lake detective Jeff Payne used excessive force when he tried to force her draw blood from an unconscious person who was involved in a collision that killed a motorist who was apparently fleeing from police. When she refused to budge, he tried to bully her and finally handcuffed and unlawfully arrested her.

In the meantime, incriminating evidence has come in the form of Utah police officer’s body camera video that showed a hospital nurse being handcuffed after refusing a blood draw from an unconscious patient. The video taken on July 26 shows nurse Alex Wubbels calmly explaining to Salt Lake detective Jeff Payne that she cannot do a blood draw on a patient who had been injured in a car accident. She told the officer a patient was required to give consent for a blood sample or be under arrest. Otherwise, she said police needed a warrant. She told him that this was a general practice and she cannot go against it.

Official bosses reportedly supported the nurse. Det. Payne was told by one of her bosses, “Sir you are making a huge mistake right now because you are threatening a nurse.” Nonetheless it couldn’t dissuade Payne from arresting her. He can be heard saying, “We are done, we are done, you are under arrest.”

The officer then grabbed the woman and handcuffed her. The female nurse can be heard saying, “You’re assaulting me stop! I’ve done nothing wrong! This is crazy! This is crazy!”

A report by the Idaho State Journal says that 43-year-old William Gray, a reserve police officer in Rigby, Idaho, injured in an accident, which took place July 26 at about 2 p.m. Gray, who drives trucks in his spare time, was behind the wheel of a semi truck in northern Utah when a suspect fleeing Utah Highway Patrol officers crashed into him head-on. Gray suffered severe burns from the crash, as he was on fire when he ran out of the vehicle. The suspected driver that fled police, 26-year-old Marcos Torres, died, The Tribune reported.

Later while talking to the media Wubbels said, “The only job I has a nurse is to keep my patients safe…A blood draw gets thrown around like it’s some simple thing, but blood is your blood. That’s your property.” Meanwhile the detective has been suspended from the police department’s blood-draw program. But he is still on active duty.

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