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Emmanuel Macron’s wife Brigitte Trogneux Macron – Age difference, love, photos, videos

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Emmanuel Macron seems to be the man of the moment. There is little doubt that the existence of European Union depends on his win. A loss for him in the French presidential election 2017 will see the dream of European Union being shattered.

With United Kingdom already out of it, the exit of France from the European Union will ensure that the EU becomes a real paper tiger. The demand from other nations will be made for their exit from the alliance that has strengthened the Europe as a nation more so following China’s emergence as one of the most prominent economic powerhouse.

Emmanuel Macron is the youngest contender for the French presidential election. He merely 39 years of age and has never won an election in his entire life. It is notwithstanding the fact that he has served as the economy minister in France and right now he is the leader of the En Marche! party, which he created last year.

The feisty Emmanuel Macron has mesmerized many people in his country. His married life too has been a story that people simply don’t really believe till they are convinced that it is no fiction but truth.

Emmanuel Macron is married to Brigitte Marie-Claude Trogneux. From the outset, the too look completely juxtaposed. While he is all of 39 years of age, his wife Brigitte Marie-Claude Trogneux is 63 years of age. To be true, she was his French literature teacher in school. Hasn’t the crush gone too far. You are simply wrong. The two are deeply in love and the age doesn’t come in between.

Till now the two don’t have any children together, though Trogneux has three children – son Sebastien and daughters Laurence and Tiphane – from a previous marriage. She has seven grandkids too.

Their love is nothing short of fairytale. The two met when he was all of fifteen and she was 39 years of age. She taught him French at a Jesuit college in Amiens. At that time she was married to her previous husband. The two seemed to be love while he was still a teenager and thus his parents warned her to stay away from him.

The two continued to see each other despite his parents deciding to send their son outside for studies. Later, the two married in the year 2007 when Trogneux’s divorce proceedings with her former husband was complete.

Initially Macron’s parents thought that their son was interested in his French teacher’s daughter. But they were shocked when realized that he was dating his teacher himself. “We couldn’t believe it. What is clear is that when Emmanuel met Brigitte we couldn’t just say: ‘That’s great…Don’t you see. You’ve had your life. But he won’t have children with you” his mother is said to have told an author.

Trogneux’s eldest child, son Sebastien, was born in 1975, making him two years older than her current husband. Her middle child, daughter Laurence, is the same age as Macron and was in the class her mother taught when they met. Her youngest daughter is Tiphaine Auziere who is 30 year old and is a campaign manager for her step-father.

There is no denying that Trogneux has a strong presence in her husband’s life. Alexis Kohler, his chief of staff when he was the economy minister, told Bloomberg that Trogneux attended agenda meetings. “She is a woman who’s involved in the life of her husband,” Kohler said.“If I’m elected — no, sorry, when we are elected — she will be there, with a role, and a place,” Macron said on March 8, reports Bloomberg. “I owe her a lot, she helped make me who I am.”

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