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Emmanuel Macron love story and epic fight with Marine Le Pen

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Who will win the French presidential runoff? Will Emmanuel Macron who is getting the support from other established parties, be able to beat the far rightist Marine Le Pen and become the youngest French President in its history, or Le Pen will defy the convention and become the first female president of one of the most important nations in Europe.

There is no denying that whoever wins the electoral battle, it will be defying the established norms in a country that wants to live in history. On one side is a leader who will take France away from European Union, almost like Theresa May of United Kingdom and on the other hand comes the man who has never won a single electoral battle in his life. If he comes to power, the 39-year old Emmanuel Macron will bring to the French Presidential palace a first lady who will be 24 years his senior and whose eldest son is two-years elder than him.

There is no denying that as former economy minister, Emmanuel Macros, is well qualified to lead a divided nation. A graduate of elite National School of Administration, he has the roots that make him stand out from his opponents. Macron will be hoping to make it number four in May. As things stand he looks best positioned to fend off the far-right candidacy of Marine Le Pen, who he is predicted to easily beat in a second round runoff – if the polls are correct.

He has a rather long experience at top places despite his rather young age. After graduating, Macron worked as a financial inspector at the Ministry of Economy before joining Rothschild & Cie bank as an investment banker. When it comes to administration, Macros joined Francois Hollande as a member of his personal staff and later as a minister of economy, industry, and digital affairs under the government of Manuel Valls.

He has his task cut out as centrist in his outlook, appealing to French citizens who are familiar with the chaotic aftermath the election of Trump in the United States and Brexit in the UK caused. His policies are the status quo, with a nod to the progressive currents emerging in the US and Britain.

Muslims who make around five to seven percent of the French population will feel secure under him as Macros hasn’t made a single pronouncement against Muslim dress codes and is a fierce defender of an open immigration system.

Besides, his love life is one of the most fairytale type stories that makes him stand out from the rest of the world. He is married to the woman who was his French literature teacher when he was 15 year old and she was 39. Emmanuel Macron is married to Brigitte Marie-Claude Trogneux. While he is all of 39 years of age, his wife Brigitte Marie-Claude Trogneux is 63 years of age. Their love is nothing short of fairytale. The two met when he was all of fifteen and she was 39 years of age. She taught him French at a Jesuit college in Amiens. At that time she was married to her previous husband. The two seemed to be love while he was still a teenager and thus his parents warned her to stay away from him.

There is no denying that Macron’s sober brand of politics, youthful looks, and the implosion of competitor Francois Fillon’s campaign have seen him rise to about 27 percent in the polls – enough to secure him a place in the second round.

Emmanuel Macros is faced with a tough opponent whose rise seems as illogical as Donald Trump’s in United States. At the beginning of his election campaign Donald Trump was faced with ridicule and laughter and he was not thought to be any serious threat to Jeb Bush or other leading contenders from Republicans. Nonetheless, he defied every logic and emerged victorious first in primaries and then beat Hillary Clinton to occupy White House for the next four years.

It must be added that the leader of the far right National Front (FN) party hopes that she will be a leading figure in this radical reordering of the global elite, which already counts the election of US President Donald Trump and the British vote to leave the EU among its successes. She currently sits on about a quarter of the first-round vote, a position which, unlike her rival candidates’, has barely shifted over the past few months.

Le Pen has a family history and comes from a background of rightist political ideology. The youngest daughter of far-right stalwart Jean-Marie Le Pen, Marine was born in 1968 and followed in her father’s ideological footsteps by joining FN at 18. Initially she practised law while increasing her standing in FN, contesting several regional elections along the way.

In the meantime Le Pen’s biggest break came after her father stepped down as FN leader in 2010, after which she took over the reins of the party. When it comes to France’s large Muslim minority, Le Pen has been unequivocal. “We do not want to live under the rule or threat of Islamic fundamentalism,” she told supporters, further condemning the hijab, prayer rooms in workplaces, the construction of mosques and pork-free options in school lunches.

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