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Dylan Redwine’s father, Mark Redwine, charged in his death – Photos

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Divorce of parents take the toll not just on the two people separating after living together for years, and decades in many cases, it can also be very disturbing for children. While the parents, grown up people, are able to reconcile to the separation, their children are torn apart due to the separation of their parents.

The story of the 13-year old boy is simply heart-wrenching. The boy, Dylan Redwine, who was unwilling to visit his father for a court-ordered Thanksgiving holiday disappeared while visiting him. The massive search that ensued in the wake of his disappearance brought no good news. Now his father has been arrested from Washington State for the child’s murder.

It was in the year 2012 when the incident happened. The child would have been 18 year old by now. For several months, the search didn’t produce anything. It was until June of 2013, when some progress was made in the case. Merely 10 miles from Mark Redwine’s home near Vallecito Lake, some proofs of his death were found.

Reports suggest that it was not long when additional body parts were eventually found, including the boy’s skull, leading the La Plata County Sheriff’s Office and Coroner’s Office to upgrade the boy’s death to a homicide.

A few reports suggest that the child might have seen court papers that apparently said unsavory things about his dad. He’d confronted the man about “compromising” photos he’d discovered. There are also reports that the two had heated arguments when the child visited his father on the previous occasion.

The boy had been saying “he was upset with Mark Redwine, that he did not want to visit and was uncomfortable with Mark Redwine,” the indictment says.

Despite his opposition to visit his father, he was made to leave. Later, reports suggest that when he reached there by plane, he was picked up by his dad. They stopped at Walmart and McDonald’s, and ended the night at Redwine’s house.

Now after five years’ of the boy’s disappearance, Mark Redwine has been arrested in his own son’s death. Reports suggest that Mark Redwine appeared in court Monday afternoon. A judge said his bail will remain at $1 million while he awaits possible extradition back to Colorado. Redwine’s next court hearing was set for Aug. 17.

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