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Dr Khursheed Mallick: Hope and Inspiration for Many Indian Muslims

By Syed Ubaidur Rahman

While there is a dearth of people who are ready to work for the welfare and development of the community, here are still a few people around who are selfless beyond any imagination. These are the people who give hope to a rather hopeless community, in terrible need of a way out to catch up with the rest of the nation, but badly short of inspiration, commitment and dedication.

Dr Khursheed Mallick, a renowned urologist based in Chicago is one such person. His life revolves around the welfare of the community and his heart beats for the nation. If any work is being done for the welfare of the community, either by community itself or by other NGOs led by human rights activists, there are chances that there is some sort of support from Dr Khursheed Mallick.

His selflessness seems to be steeped in his family and values taught by his parents. When the nation got freedom from the British Raj, his family provided safety to thousands of people in their home, a large haveli with more than forty rooms and a massive courtyard. The huge house that provided safety to thousands of stranded people, looking for shelter, protection and support when they were being hounded by marauding mobs, instilled a lesson in the mind of a young Khursheed Mallick that he never really forgot.

After studying at Patna’s Anglo Oriental High School, one of the few schools that were run by the Muslim community at that time, he got admission in BSC before being admitted to MBBS. He did his MBBS from Darbhanga Medical Collegeand thereafter completed prestigious MD degree.

Dr Khursheed Mallick has the good fortune of getting great company from his childhood. Late Syed Shahabuddin, bureaucrat, turned politician turned full time editor of Muslim India was one of the best friends or rather a bosom pal of Dr Khursheed Mallick. Despite being a couple of years junior to Syed Shahabuddin, one of the top community leaders in the aftermath of the Independence, Dr Mallick was a great support who never shied away from giving in the face advice to him. Their friendship stood the test of the time, both good and bad, and Dr Mallick remained a great support for him till the end.

Dr Mallick, following the footsteps of many in his family -His sister’s husband retired as Major General from the Indian Army- wanted to join the Indian Army and was almost selected in its medical corps, but he was destined to do much more.

A couple of years after completing his MD, Dr Mallick got a call from Canada. He went there, but destiny, apparently wanted to see him somewhere else. So soon he landed in Chicago, Illinois, where he has remained since then, spending almost the last five decades there.

It was in the US and in the company of a couple of community activists, who reinvigorated in him the thrust to work for the community. Soon he was in the forefront of numerous community initiatives including the launch of Islamic Medical Association (IMA) and American Muslim Physicians of Indian Origin (AMPI). He served as Executive Director of Islamic Medical Association for several years not just without taking a single penny, but spending his own money and efforts in running the institution. He remains in its top decision-making body even now.

Khursheed Mallick is the Founder and President of the Indian Muslim Educational Foundation of North America (IMEFNA). The organization is trying to help economically weak Muslims students in India.

His initiative of launching AR Learning Center (AR stands for Atiqur Rahman, one of the people who initiated him in the community service) seems to have worked rather well. There are more than a dozen such centers being run from Delhi, Patna and many other localities in North India. These centers provide library, resource material for students preparing for medical and engineering examination. At some places these centers also have provision to provide website designing course to students. Other centers also have spoken English classes to make students overcome a major drawback for students from rural background in much of North India.

But this seems to be a pittance. While Rahmani-30, an initiative of Maulana Wali Rahmani has been hogging the limelight, not many people know that Dr Mallick is a constant support for the initiative. A couple of years ago, he built a huge four story building in the heart of Patna. Rahmani-30 runs from this building. This includes their rigorous training, lodging and all the other facilities that the kids require. Rahmani-30 isn’t charged a single penny for occupying three stories of the massive apartment. Two other flats are also given to different Muslim NGO without being charged a single penny as rent. Dr Mallick occupies merely a single flat in the entire building.

Now, Dr Mallick is building a much larger facility on the place of his ancestral haveli in Jahanabad district, very close to Patna, where a scaled up Rahmani-120 will be probably housed.

Besides, he supports numerous initiatives undertaken by different organizations, both Muslims and secular organizations throughout the nation. Despite being in his mid-eighties, Dr Mallick can inspire a million youths on how to remain committed to cause and focused on issues of importance.

His wife, Shakira Mallick, is not an ordinary woman. She is a solid supporter in all his activities and takes keen interest in all initiatives. She accompanies him wherever he goes and gives sound counsel to him whenever there is a need.

(Syed Ubaidur Rahman is the Executive Editor of He can be reached at

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