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Donald Trump impeachment is not mere fiction, it can be already in the process

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Washington: Donald Trump is being slowly trapped by his own over-enthusiasm. He thought that the US presidency will be akin to running the campaign where he can mock all and utter whatever he thought was right.

But alas, the world’s biggest economy and war machine doesn’t simply run on the whims of a single man – yes man, as till now no woman has been allowed to grace it – and the US President is realizing it to his horror pretty fast.

While he may still be the President of the United States of America, there are telltale signs that things are not moving in the direction he wanted to move. All his grandiose plans that he cooked in his own minds, that were in many ways might have been impacted by the reality TV, are falling apart one by one.

His Muslim ban has already been struck down twice. He imposed Muslim ban immediately after coming to power. But a groundswell of opposition across the US and the court orders against it forced him to come out with another, and severely toned down ban. But it too was stopped from being implemented by different courts.

Similar or the worse is the case of his ‘repeal Obama care’ plan. He came out all the guns blazing against Obamacare. But even Republicans vetoed Obamacare, forcing him to stop the bill from going to voting. It would have added to his humiliation.

He is going to face the same fate over Mexico wall. There are zillions of reasons why the wily occupant of White House may see his dream of erecting a wall on Mexico border crushed by economic and geopolitics realities.

His fumbling hasn’t been helped by his election type rallies that he has been holding in many places. The more he tries to find allies, the more he is losing. In the meantime there are telltale signs that Trump’s approval has touched a nadir. His approval rating dipped to 36 percent during the three-day period of Friday to Sunday, one point lower than his worst previous reading, Gallup said. It fell below President Barack Obama’s lowest approval of 38 percent and President Bill Clinton’s worst reading of 37 percent.

There is no denying that approval ratings may be rather misleading. A CNBC report says, “Approval ratings are often volatile, and Trump’s could rise in the near future. Still, voters widely disliked him during the 2016 election and he entered office as one of the most unpopular presidents in recent memory”.

In the meantime, the reports that Russia played a role in US presidential elections are being taken very seriously. The hawks among the Republicans are turning against Trump. Dick Cheney, vice-president to George W Bush talked about the Russian role in the elections. Addressing the ET Global Business Summit, he said: “My concern about threats to globalisation is about national security. I’m concerned that we’re at a time when those trends and developments, that is, growth of globalisation and trade, Cold War and the US’s unipolar moment, are over.”

The former hawk in Bush administration went on to add, “It wasn’t that long ago when (Vladimir) Putin showed he had designs on the Baltics, aspirations on the Ukraine, he’s doing everything to undermine NATO.” He’s back in a significant way in Syria and Iran, Cheney said, adding that Putin took his capabilities in cyber warfare and tried to “influence” US elections, which could have been close to “an act of war”.

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