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Donald Harvey ‘the angel of death’ dead – was serving 28 life sentences

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‘Angel of Death’, Donald Harvey, is reportedly dead. Nothing can more aptly describe it than a Persian proverb ‘khas kam jahan paak’ or ‘the less the dirt the cleaner the world’.

The man who was convicted and who actually pleaded guilty of killing as many as 37 hospital patients in the year 1987 is a unique case in itself. The man did these beastly acts while working as a nurse’s aide in Cincinnati and London, Kentucky over a period of around two decades. It was in late eighties that he was nailed and brought to justice.

There are reports that the killer was attacked in the jail where he was serving multiple life sentences. The attack took place two days ago and while details about the injuries sustained during the attack were not revealed by Ohio’s prison department, the injuries must have been fatal.

Reports in the media suggested that the serial killer who didn’t seem to have any remorse about his actions was found beaten in his cell Tuesday afternoon at the state’s prison in Toledo. He died Thursday morning, said JoEllen Smith, spokeswoman for Ohio’s prison system. He was 64.

The serial killer was serving 28 life sentences for killing at least 37 patients at hospitals in Ohio and Kentucky in the 70s and 80s while he worked as a nurses aide. Although he pleaded guilty to killing 37 he later said he had actually murdered around 50 more. Harvey killed his victims by poisoning them, suffocating them or turning of their life support machines. One of his favourite methods of killing was to inject arsenic or cyanide into patients or put it into IV drips.

It is said that twenty-one of the people the serial killer killed were patients at the former Drake Memorial Hospital in Cincinnati, where he worked as a nurse’s assistant. He was caught after a medical examiner smelled cyanide while performing an autopsy on a victim. Harvey while taking to a reporter later said that he pleaded guilty to avoid the death penalty. He further said that he liked the control of determining who lived and died.

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