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David Dao daughter Crystal Dao Pepper takes United Airlines to task- photos, video

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United Airlines passenger David Dao who was dragged from the lawfully reserved seat in his name and thrown out of the aircraft with his wife in toe, has said he is preparing for lawsuit. The way the 69 year old doctor from Kentucky was treated, has outraged almost everyone.

Thankfully, more than one person videotaped the entire episode on their smartphones and shared the footage on Twitter and Facebook, instantly alerting the social media and the press. The footage has been shared by hundreds of thousands of time and the doctor’s attorney has asked the court to order preservation of all such footages.

There were reports that a Reddit thread with tens of thousands of replies was deleted. Now his family that consists of his wife, daughter Crystal Dao Pepper and four other children has hired two lawyers in Chicago.

His daughter has particularly been shaken by what has been done to her father by the airline company. While talking about her father Crystal Dao Pepper said, “My dad is a wonderful father…He has raised five great children who will go on to do great things. He is a loving grandfather. At the end of the day he is the person we are trying to protect and take care of.”

There are pictures showing Dr David Dao’s bloodied face. At 69 years of age, this must be one of his worst days. It came as Tom Demetrio, Mr Dao’s lawyer said he will “probably” file a lawsuit against United Airlines after he was violently dragged off a plane when he refused to leave an overbooked flight. “The laws are there for the protection of each of us,” he said a press conference.

His daughter while addressing a press conference said, “They have treated us less  well than maybe we deserve. I conclude that based upon hundreds; literally hundreds, of tale of woe, of mistreatment by United, we want fairness in how people treat us, we want respect and we want dignity.”

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