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Darul Uloom Deoband issues fatwa against body hugging, designer burqas, abayas

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Lucknow: India’s top center for Islamic education, Darul Uloom Deoband, has said that wearing fitting and body hugging burqas and abayas is against the spirit of Islam and should be avoided.

Darul Uloom, that has a huge fan following among Muslims across not just India, but around the world, has said that wearing designer and slim fit burqas attract prying eyes and is against Islam.

The seminary said that burqas and abayas are meant to keep the woman away from prying eyes, while such body hugging and designer abayas make them all the more attractive. The fatwa said that burqas in various styles, colours and designs were not allowed in Islam

“In the name of hijab (veil), designer and slim fit burqa is haram and strictly prohibited in Islam,” the fatwa said in response to a query from a person who had asked the muftis if wearing designer burqas, which are sometimes body-hugging and draw male gazes, was permitted in Islam.

Darul Uloom is not the first to issue such a fatwa against wearing very attractive an designer burqas. Many religious scholars and ulama have been trying to create awareness among the Muslims in this regard.

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