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Crocodile tears – From Urdu Press

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Prime Minister can be called strange in many aspects. He has been maintaining different personalities in different places. When he was the Chief Minister of Gujarat, he was chided by the then Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpeyee for Gujarat riots. He asked Modi to follow the Raj Dharma. This was the first reprimand by any Prime Minister to any Chief Minister in the history of India after independence.

It is said that BJP did compete in the Lok Sabha election of 2014 but the credit of its victory goes to media. BJP made Himalayan promises but the media did the lion’s share the work of propagating it to all the corners of the country and painting the party in glorious colours. It was promised that two crore jobs would be created for unemployed youth every year.

It was also said that within a month of its victory, the BJP would bring down inflation. Development was promised for everyone. Love letters would not be written to Pakistan, but it’s actions would be countered by stern actions from the army. Death of one army-man would be avenged by ten heads of the enemy, it was promised.

In return Modi’s foot-soldiers were declaring that they would make India pure and get rid of all Congress members, Muslims, Christians. In the end, the lure of fifteen lakh in pockets won over and Indian voters were duped into voting for BJP and making it victorious.

Even after he became the Prime Minister he continued to write history. He went on such long and extensive foreign tours that it earned him the moniker of ‘foreign-minister’. Modi became Nawaz Shareef’s unwelcomed guest and kept enjoying biryani at his table while Pakistani terrorists kept killing Indian army-men.

Now the people of the country are wiser and know that whether the government is of BJP or Congress, the farmers die on the field while their sons die on the border of the country. And that the political leaders enjoy in the country while their children enjoy abroad.

The government loves the beautiful and heavenly lands of Kashmir but calls Kashmiris terrorists. And this is not just limited to BJP government. Parties woo voters and manage to get majority of seats in election. After winning the majority it forms a government. As soon as the government is formed, it goes ahead with the task of forming the future of its children and establishing their careers and life. This cycle has been repeated since governments were elected in India.

Polluting the secular and peaceful environment of major universities of India, calling scholars anti-nationals and harassing them, taking undue advantage of government machinery, colouring places of education Saffron – all these achievements would be credited to Modi.

For Prime Minister, the respect of democracy, the welfare of public, following the Constitution are all similar to the promises of election – matters unimportant.

He also follows through his promise to get rid of all black money of corporators that finance him by demonetisation and paints their black money white. And the media goes on to placate the harried and harrassed public to bear with the discomfort of demonetisation for some time, as it is the process of getting rid of black money. Media advertises on behalf of the government to ‘save money’ and go cashless. Indeed the majority of Indians went so cashless they wept in anguish and helplessness.

Now the majority of Indian population says inflation, unemployment, Muzaffarnagar, Dadri, Bareilly, Deoband, JNU, elephant, cycle and palm have all been gulped down by the tampered EVMs. This kind of unjust democracy is as safe for the public as is a crocodile made of black money. The majority now hopes that the crocodile is caught, is put to death and the water of the pond remains full and alive with fish. It also hopes that getting rid of the crocodile would get rid of the murk of social and cultural differences and communalism and the oxygen of democracy flows through the clear water again.

(Translated from Urdu Times Daily, Mumbai)

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