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Cosmo DiNardo, suspect of killing missing Buck County youths – Parents & photos

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Cosmo DiNardo, a 20-year old youth, according to his lawyer, has confessed to killing the four missing Buck County youths. The incident that has become the most talked about incident across Pennsylvania, impacting multiple families has become a major issue nationally. The remains of one of the missing youth were reportedly discovered yesterday at a massive property owned by the father of the suspect, who is in police custody.

A report in the Associated Press said that the suspect killed each of the four missing youth separately after selling them marijuana. In order to remove any sign of their death, the suspect burned their bodies at the family’s farm. Associated Press report goes on to add that in at least three of the four murders there was a co-conspirator involved.


All the four missing youth are in the age group of 19-21 years of age. They include Jimi Tar Patrick, Dean Finocchiaro, Mark Sturgis and Tom Meo. All the four are missing from the Bucks County area far over the last week. At least two of the missing youth reportedly knew the suspect DiNardo. Reports claim that Jimi Patrick and Dean Finocchiaro were no stranger to DiNardo.
A few days ago, the accused was arrested on possession of firearm illegally. But the arrest had nothing to do with the latest missing case. His bail was set at $100,000. This was posted on July 11 and DiNardo was released. A day later, DiNardo was back in custody and accused of stealing Tom Meo’s car. His bail is now set at $5 million.

DiNardo had suffered a serious head injury last year. Following a quad biking accident, the suspect was stranded in the woods alone for around a day and a half with injuries, including broken bones and bleeding on his brain. It was only after the incident and the injuries that he sustained that the accused reportedly started using K2, a synthetic marijuana drug.

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K2 can simply be fatal for people’s health. It is said that synthetic marijuana is coated with synthetic cannabinoids – a family of over 700 research chemicals. In other words, synthetic marijuana / K2 / Spice is completely different than natural marijuana. In 2008, the scientific and law enforcement communities began to study what was actually contained in synthetic cannabis mixtures. What they found was alarming. Analysis showed that rather than being a simple mixture of harmless herbs, such as canavalia maritima, leonotis leonurus, zornia latifolia and others, the product had in fact been sprayed with synthetic cannabinoids. These are not the “All Natural” ingredients listed on their packaging and on the sellers’ web sites. These chemicals are similar to natural cannabinoid found in marijuana, THC – tetrahydracannabinol, but affect our brain receptors differently. quoted DiNardo’s friends, Eric Beitz as saying that he had spoken to DiNardo in the weeks before the disappearances. He said that DiNardo had told him about selling marijuana and guns. “I can tell you on multiple different occasions, on multiple different accounts, from multiple different people, including myself – Cosmo has spoken about weird things like killing people and having people killed. Everybody you talk to about this guy, you hear he’s mentally unstable”, his friend told

The Courier Times says that the home in Solebury is owned by of Bensalem. Cosmo DiNardo is the son of Antonio and Sandra DiNardo. Reports suggest that the two have been subpoenaed in relation to the search. His parents are expected to be questioned about their son’s whereabouts around the time of the disappearances. The family owns a construction company that focuses on cement named Cosan LLC. Fox Philadelphia’s Dave Schratwieser reports that the DiNardo family has hired defense lawyer Fred Perri Jr. In 2005, Perri made national news when he defended rapper Beanie Sigel on an attempted murder charge.

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