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Congress full list of Muslim candidates for BMC polls 2017 – party nominates 41 in elections

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Mumbai: The Congress party is seeing a real chance for itself in the forthcoming BMC polls 2017. It is leaving no stone unturned to attract voters and perform well in the crucial elections for the financial capital of India.

Despite the infighting in the Congress rank and files, the party is hopeful of emerging as the single largest party in the BMC this year. Whether it is able to perform that well or not will be known only after the results are out on 23rd February, but this is its best chance to do well.

The party has given 41 seats to Muslims. It is expecting good support from the community, though there is a fear deep down that Asaduddin Owaisi’s AIMIM may cut into its traditional vote bank.

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Here is a list of Congress Muslim candidates for BMC election 2017

Ward No Name Of Candidate
BMC Ward No. 34 Qumarjahan Mohd. Moeen Siddiqui
BMC Ward No. 48 Smt. Salma Amekar
BMC Ward No. 49 Smt. Femida Fahim Shaikh
BMC Ward No. 56 Smt. Amoo Hanif Malbar
BMC Ward No. 62 Shri. Firoz Ahmed Shah
BMC Ward No. 66 Smt. Meher Mohsin Haider
BMC Ward No. 78 Smt. Janila Shaikh
BMC Ward No. 91 Mohd. Rafique Mustafa Hussain Shaikh
BMC Ward No. 92 Tasleem Yusuf Memon
BMC Ward No. 96 Mohd. Sharif Qadri
BMC Ward No. 101 Asif Ahmed Zakaria
BMC Ward No. 121 Anjum Sherjada Khan
BMC Ward No. 124 Shri. Rashida Khalil Khot
BMC Ward No. 134 Smr. Noorjahan Abdulmaj id Inamdar
BMC Ward No. 136 Smt. Asmin Dillal Ahmed Khan
BMC Ward No. 137 Smt. Bismilla Zakir Mursal
BMC Ward No. 138 Smt. Shabnam Matin Ahmed Khan
BMC Ward No. 140 Smt. Naseenbanu Mohd. lsaque Qurcshi

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BMC Ward No. 143 Smt. Kairunisa Akbar Hussain
BMC Ward No. 145 Mazio Mohd. Hanif Shaikh
BMC Ward No. 159 Akram Riyaz Farooki
BMC Ward No. 161 Dr. Mullani Abbas Chandulal
BMC Ward No. 162 Wazid Wahid Qureshi
BMC Ward No. 163 Shaikh Mohd. Gaur Shehabaddin
BMC Ward No. 164 Shri. Chaudhary Ramzan Ali
BMC Ward No. 165 Shri. Ashraf Azmi
BMC Ward No. 167 Smt. Dilshad Azmi
BMC Ward No. 168 Safia Abdul Hanan
BMC Ward No. 171 Smt. Samina Vajid Shaikh
BMC Ward No. 174 Jubeda Khatun Khalid Ali Sayad
BMC Ward No. 179 Mufti Niyaz Vanu
BMC Ward No. 182 Adil Rulcnuddin Parkar
BMC Ward No. 184 Shri. Babbu Khan
BMC Ward No. 187 Shakeela Abdul Kadar Shaikh
BMC Ward No. 209 Majurhasan Bagdadi Latif
BMC Ward No. 211 Smt. Masirah Itijaj Ahmed Ansari
BMC Ward No. 212 Smt. Nazia Ashfaque Siddiqui
BMC Ward No. 213 Shri. Javed Ibrahim Juneja
BMC Ward No. 224 Smt. Afreen Javed Shaikh

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