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Confederate statues removed from Baltimore, Mayor Catherine Pugh oversaw the operation

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Confederate statues in Baltimore have finally been removed. This is something that was overdue for a long time and the removal is going to finally teach the children why the whole idea of confederate statues and confederate monuments is antithesis of the very idea of America, freedom and equality.

After more than a year of confusion in this regard, the confederate statues were finally dug up and removed. The crew who came in flatbed trucks took hours in trying to remove them, and finally took them away.


The confederate monuments were removed thanks to decisiveness shown by none other than Mayor Catherine Pugh. She oversaw the entire process and stood with the workers while these statues were being removed.

As many as four confederate statues were taken down overnight by city administration from public spaces in the city. But this could be possible only after the Baltimore City Council unanimously passed a resolution to tear them down the latest white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Va. on Saturday and the subsequent attack by White supremacists.

The Confederate States of America, in whose memory these confederate monuments are erected was a self-proclaimed nation of 11 secessionist slave-holding states of the United States, existing from 1861 to 1865. The Confederacy was originally formed by seven states – South Carolina, Mississippi, Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, and Texas – in the Lower South region of the United States whose regional economy was mostly dependent upon agriculture, particularly cotton, and a plantation system that relied upon the labor of African-American slaves.

A number of monuments were erected by proponents of confederate states over the years. There are also monuments erected on public spaces either at public expense or funded by private organizations and donors. Art historians Cynthia Mills and Pamela Simpson asserted in their critical volume Monuments to the Lost Cause that the majority of Confederate monuments, of the type they define, were “commissioned by white women, in hope of preserving a positive vision of antebellum life.”

After removal of the four confederate statues Mayor Catherine Pugh said it’s done…They needed to come down. My concern is for the safety and security of our people. We moved as quickly as we could.” Pugh said she personally watched as monuments were taken down.

Reports suggest that the swift and quick overnight action was designed in part to avoid violent conflicts over their removal like what Charlottesville experience. “I did not want to endanger people in my own city,” she said. “I had begun discussions with contractors and so forth about how long it would take to remove them. I am a responsible person, so we moved as quickly as we could. “

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Confederate statues removed from Baltimore, Mayor Catherine Pugh oversaw the operation

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