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Chandrika Yadav, a Hindu, takes care of a temporary mosque, its finances in Ramadan

By Kazim Sheikh (ViewsHeadlines Desk)

Mumbai: Chandrika Yadav is an officer in the local Municipal Office of Andheri. For the past many years, he has been making great efforts to wholly take up the responsibility of maintaining the temporary shed added to the mosque that helps in the Muslims offering taraweeh prayer during the holy month of Ramadan. And Chandrika Yadav is a non-Muslim.

He stays busy for the whole month of Ramadan in serving the practicing Muslims who offer namaz there. Yadav says, “Participating in these kinds of work gives me peace. All the people who offer prayers under the temporary shed, somewhere they must also be sending up prayers for me. This helps me go on.”

Dr Akhlaq Usmani and Dr Khursheed, residents of Juhu Lane of Andheri, tell this correspondent about this selfless worker. They tell me that the parking space of Tahtani Hall of Building number 5 of Sagar City Complex, Juhu Lane, Andheri, is turned into a temporary mosque for the entire month of Ramadan.

This temporary mosque is created by putting up temporary sheds. People offer regular namaz and also taraweeh prayers at night for the month of Ramadan in this temporary mosque. Chandrika Yadav happens to be a resident of this very building. He is an employee of BMC, in the ‘K West Ward’. This 47-year-old man works in a senior capacity in the maintenance Department of the BMC.

Dr Usmani says that Yadav has taken up the responsibility of maintenance and upkeep of the shed of the mosque upon himself. He has been doing this for the last four years. He personally takes care of things like tying up the shed, setting up the power supply, hanging up the bulbs and fans for the convenience of those who come to pray under this mosque. His work experience aids him and he also draws up the planning chart of setting up the mosque. He takes great interest in this work.

Even as people get busy with breaking their fasts at sun-down, Yadav Ji, as he is usually called by the worshippers, stays busy setting up the mosque and making it comfortable for the people who would soon come in for the evening prayers, and then the nightly prayers. He makes sure the area is properly cleaned up everyday so that those coming in for prayers have a pleasant experience. He takes care of every little need that the people praying under this mosque might face.

The mosque stays full during the nightly taraweeh prayers offered here and is also used for the daily five prayers. A lot of people pray here.

Yadav says that in this mosque everyday about 150 people offer the daily five prayers and around 60 to 70 people offer the taraweeh prayers. He says the people offering taraweeh prayer here are mostly businessmen, salespersons and doctors. He stands guard till the last taraweeh prayers and takes care that the environment is peaceful and the people offering prayers face no disturbances.

He also informs that he also acts as the treasurer of the expenses that maintenance of this temporary mosque incurs. He also volunteers to become the treasurer of the help that Khidmat Hind Trust Fund sends to help feed hundreds of poor in the area. He takes care that all expenses are duly managed and the funds go to the deserving. The trust hands him this responsibility willingly.

Yadav confessed that the times are very bad in the country. Communalism is openly practiced. In such times, this kind of work without bias sends a good message and brings a light of hope among the people. This also sends vibes of encouragement to others to do good deeds and not get trapped by communalism.



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