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VIDEO: BMW car falls 7 stories from parking garage in Austin, Texas

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Austin, Texas: A female driver, driving a BMW has learnt a hard lesson. And there are chances that she will probably never forget it, even for a single minute, for the remaining part of her life.

The female driver will probably never ever mistake the gas for the brake. Her mistake, not just left her badly injured, it also almost caused the death of another car owner, who survived the fall of the car from seven story parking garage merely on instinct. After listening to a strange noise, he stopped his car midway and within seconds the female driven BMW was there after tumbling down from seven story parking garage.

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Female driver’s BMW, almost landed on a Chevrolet Tahoe at street level. The incident took place on July 13 at a parking garage in Austin, Texas.

The one minute video has been seen millions of times after being shared on social media and Youtube. The driver of the Chevrolet Tahoe, who has been identified as William Burch can be clearly seen in the one minute long footage slowly turning around in a downtown alley. As he hears a rather strange sound emanating from somewhere close by, he stops the car immediately.

William Burch thought as if his life was coming to an end. But thankfully, it smashed a few feet away, though finally bounced onto the rear of Burch’s Tahoe.

The female driver of the car has reportedly suffered grievous injuries. Authorities claim that the woman mistook the gas for the brake and pushed right through barriers on the uppermost level of the garage.

Apparently this is not the first time that such incident happened at the same garage. A driver just survived when his SUV crashed through the barriers but a barrier cable caught his SUV and he was rescued by a bystander.

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