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Mayawati resigns from Rajya Sabha – Political Hara-kiri or deft planning

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Is BSP chief Mayawati planning to go on the offensive in the coming days after resigning from her Rajya Sabha seat? The top Dalit leader in the country who has tried to change the fate of the Dalit community in the most populous state of the country is looking like a tigress confined to her cage.

Will she emerge as a winner after her defiant step of giving up her Rajya Sabha seat? It is something that we will have to wait to see in the coming months. Nonetheless it is sure that the Dalit icon is preparing to give a tough fight to the BJP.

Despite her Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) winning less than two dozen seats in the last assembly election, that brought BJP to power with more than two third majority, she has the consolation of having the solid support of dalits with her. Mayawati’s party won the second highest percentage of votes in the election after the BJP.

The Dalit leader knows well that sitting in the Rajya Sabha will not bring her back to power and thus she has realized that her calling, right now is in going to the people and seeking their trust and votes. She has also seen the slow but steady rise of the Bhim Sena, another Dalit outfit that is attracting support of young Dalits in the increasinglylarge number.

Meanwhile reports suggest that Rajya Sabha Chairman Hamid Ansari on Thursday accepted the resignation of BSP chief Mayawati after she gave a fresh letter. Mayawati had on Tuesday given a three-page resignation to the Chairman Hamid Ansari, stating that she was resigning as she was not being allowed to speak in the House on important matters.

She had sought time to speak under Rule 267 but Kurien, who was presiding over the Rajya Sabha at that time, gave her just three minutes to speak as per Zero Hour rule. This enraged Mayawati, who announced then and there itself that she was quitting. She was asked to furnish a fresh one-line resignation letter as required under the rules after her earlier missive was considered a conditional offer which could not be accepted.

Mayawati is among the longest serving Rajya Sabha members. Her six-year term was to end in April next year, said it served her no purpose to continue when she was not allowed to speak for the depressed sections of people whom she represents.

“If I am not allowed to talk, if I cannot represent the section of the society I belong to, if I am not allowed to put across my views on atrocities on Dalits, then there is no point in staying in the House,” she said before giving her resignation on Tuesday. On Wednesday, Kurien and leaders of several parties appealed to her to withdraw the resignation, saying her presence was essential in the House.

Kurien explained to BSP leader Satish Chandra Mishra that he had no intention of not letting Mayawati speak in the House, but it was so that he had not taken up the 267 notices by that time. “Let me set the record straight. I would have allowed her to speak under (Rule) 267 later. But when I came in to the House, she was already up to speak. So, I allowed her three minutes out of turn. I even bypassed the Leader of Opposition to allow her to speak first…It was only a procedural matter. We have immense respect for Mayawatiji… I ask her, and I presume it is the sentiment of the entire House, to reconsider her decision (of quitting),” Kurien said.

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