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Breana Shack, Uber Bae story goes viral on Twitter – All you need to know

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Breana Shack, an Uber driver, was dumbfounded when she realized to her horror that she was taking the woman, a complete stranger to her, to her boyfriend’s apartment. The 24-year old Uber cabbie, till she realized, was more than happy to serve the woman who had hailed the cab.

To be true, Shack was more than hospitable to the woman and had supplied her with an aux cable and bottled water. This is more than what anyone can expect from a cabbie, more so in Florida, where many cabbies don’t really give a damn to their passengers.

On March 27, Breana Shack’s story was going viral on the internet. The woman had picked up a passenger from airport who gave her an address where to drop her. Initially she didn’t realize that the address can be even remotely related to her. But on the way, she realized that the address she was given was none other than her own boyfriend’s.

In a series of Twitter rant, the woman Uber driver told her predicament. In a tweet she said that to her horror she realized that she is dropping her passenger off at her boyfriend’s apartment. Shack realized what was going when he came out to help the side chick with her luggage. She then tells of attacking the pair before driving off, with the side chick’s luggage in tow. One of Shack’s final updates tells the world that she is single. She also tweeted that the side chick called the police and Shack was forced to return the luggage.

Now when she is done with her frustration, shack says that she is feeling remorseful of what she did to the side chick. “Only thing I wish I had done at the time was not run after him but explain to her first. I didn’t want to fight a person that was in the same position as me” said she

She further said, “Everything has been positive. A lot of women have shared their experiences, and I talked to a lot of girls going through the same thing.”

A native of Virginia Beach, Shack lives in Jacksonville now. Despite all the claims about her boyfriends, the 24-year old woman has a dating profile live on Plenty of Fish. Shack describes her personality as an “adventurer” and her profession as “director.” When asked about a first date, Shack says, “$200 date is okay. I prefer a rare chiptole burrito and a movie all for $13.99 but the choice is yours. If you like pricey p***es then prepare to go broke. I’m trying to make your life easier though.”

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