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Boxing legend Jake LaMotta’s daughter Christi pens emotional condolence message: Photos

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Jake LaMotta’s death has shocked the entire world. While everyone has to leave this world, there are people who look like they will remain in our midst longer than anyone else. And if there was one in the boxing world, it was Jake LaMotta, whom many experts believe to be among the top ten boxers of the world.

Jake LaMotta, whi is called raging bull for his unorthodox and offensive boxing style breathed his last Tuesday. He was 95 and was suffering from health related complications for the past several weeks.


Born as Giacobbe “Jake” LaMotta on July 10, 1922, the boxer spent a very satisfying life. He was a former World Middleweight Champion, and stand-up comedian. Nicknamed “The Raging Bull”, LaMotta was a rough fighter, who although not particularly a big puncher, would subject his opponents to vicious beatings in the ring. With use of constant stalking, brawling and inside fighting, he developed the reputation for being a ‘bully’, and is often referred to today as a swarmer and a slugger.

The whole boxing world is mourning the loss of Jek LaMotta. Roy Jones Jr. was quoted by the TMZ as saying, says Jake LaMotta is one of the 10 greatest fighters EVER — and says the late, great boxer had a very real impact on his own legendary career. “He taught me that no matter how tough things got, no matter how hard things got, you don’t stop…That’s why he’s called a Raging Bull. You don’t stop for nothing.”

Meanwhile Jake’s daughter, Christi LaMotta while mourning her father wrote on her Facebook page, “When my Father was boxing, it wasn’t like it is today. In Pop’s era, I can name at least 5 great Middleweight Boxers – Sugar Ray Robinson, Marcel Cerdan, Jake LaMotta, Rocky Graziano, Tony Zale — I don’t even know who the Middleweight champ is today – today they have 1 or 2 fights a year – back when my Pop was Boxing, he was fighting every couple of months, he had over 100+ fights before he even got a shot at the title – When he took a dive during the Billy Fox fight, which he didn’t want to do, it literally broke him & was never the same afterwards”.

“He took the dive in order to get a shot at the title — Even during the fight, he was saying to Fox, ‘get up, defend yourself, fight back’ – Pop was booed by fans — Way-back-when, they didn’t call TKO’s like they do now, you literally had to be really hurt – my Father use to make a joke – LaMotta vs Robinson on Valentine’s Day in Chicago – Pop said, he would have won the fight because Sugar Ray would have passed out from exhaustion from all the blows my Pop took – Pop never went down- way-back-when, there were no programs or help like they have now to help athletes. Pop went down a sad self-destructive road, he drank, broke & ended up as a bouncer in a NYC bar – a drunk came up to him and confronted him, Pop defended himself and got in trouble because as a champion, your hands are lethal weapons for life” she goes on to say.

She further wrote, “He moved to Fla, opened a bar near South Beach, got into trouble for having an under-aged ‘hooker’ in the bar – I think the ‘time’ he served, literally saved his life. My heart breaks for the pain & demons he must have endured. I’m proud that my Father was a great Champion, he lost his title to one of the best Middleweight Boxers in history, Sugar Ray Robinson – Pop was champ in 51′ – I was born in 52′ (I’m a fighter too) lol…God Bless you Jake LaMotta & now your in Heaven with the love of your life, my beloved Mother Vikki & your sons, my brothers Jack & Joe LaMotta “.

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