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BMC polls 2017 – Muslims have big chance due to Shiv Sena, BJP fight, says Abu Asim Azmi

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Mumbai: The president of the Maharashtra branch of Samajwadi Party (SP) and Govandi MLA Abu Asim Azmi has informed the state’s backward, secular and minority groups that during the current elections, the rift in the government’s richest corporation in power, ie, Shiv Sena and BJP, has given them a golden opportunity for the first time in 140 years. The coalition between these two major political parties has changed into serious fight against each other in the current elections.

Abu Asim Azmi went on to add that that in this condition if voters unite and back SP candidates, then we can make our municipal corporators win by a majority and send them to the Assembly and it would aid in better development of our areas. He stressed that for the first time in 140 years that the unity of minority and backward tribes can be strengthened, but some forces are trying to divide the voters to aid the separatists. So the voters of our area need to be thoughtful and vigilant about their decisions.


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He went on to add that he believed in political justice according to the population. That is why we have always demanded that all sects be represented according to their numerical strength. Govandi’s voters had shown this very thoughtfulness by making Samajwadi party win in the assembly and corporation elections. Hence we were ble to change bring about betterment in Govandi, like providing basic public amenities (water, roads, schools, pharmacies, hospitals, playgrounds.

We were able to provide these basic amenities to the population in fourteen years, that were not seen in the last 140 years. This is the first time in 140 years that there is a rift between BJP and Shiv Sena. During this time the minorities and backward sectors have supported the Samajwadi party members. In the wake of this success and support, the Samajwadi party can bring about similar developments in the other areas of the city.

It is a daily morning custom of Abu Asim Azmi to visit various localities represented by other candidates of Samajwadi party for special meetings and public addresses. Last night he addressed a big gathering for Ayesha Sheikh, candidate for Gutam Nagar ward number 140.

Since this morning, he inaugurated various offices of Goregaon and Kandevli, while appealing for full support of Samajwadi party candidates. During these visits he also attended the joining of officeof Samajwadi party candidate Kailash Yadav from ward number 131. (translated from Urdu Times, Mumbai)

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