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BMC election 2017 results live update – Shiv Sena, BJP, AIMIM, MNS tally

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Final tally: Shiv Sena 84 seats, BJP 81, Cong 31, NCP 9, MNS 7 and others 14 including Owaisi’s AIMIM 3

Update @2-45 p.m: Congress is wiped out of Mumbai as well as Maharashtra
Party    Lead    Win

SS       34        59
BJP    40          35
CONG 5          17
MNS 10          1
OTH 3            4
NCP 2           4

Update at 12-30 a.m: 

Party leading won
SS         81         4
BJP      52             1
CONG 18             1
MNS 10
NCP 4                1

Update @11-56am: Sena leading on 75 seats, BJP 42, Congress 17, MNS 9, NCP 5, others leading in 6 seats

Update @ 11: 20 am Shiv Sena leading in 44 seats, BJP 28, Cong 10, MNS 4, NCP 2 & others 2 stats

Update at 11: 10
SS 38 0
BJP 25 0
CONG 9 0
MNS 3 0
NCP 2 0
OTH 2 0

Update at 10:58 A.m.

SS 32 0
BJP 23 0
CONG 6 0
NCP 2 0
MNS 2 0
OTH 2 0

Update: Shiv Sena expanding its lead. Right now it is leading in 18 seats, BJP 7, Congress 4, NCP 1, others 1

Update: Shiv Sena leading from 11 seats, BJP 7, Congress 2 and others from 1 constituency

Update: Shiv Sena leading in 7 and BJP 2 seats

Update: Leads have started coming, BJP and Shiv Senaleading in 1 seat each

Update: Counting for 227 seats has just begun

Update: Counting for 227 BMC seats to beginat 10 a.m.

Update: Counting to begin at 10 A.M


Who will win the highest number of seats? This question is doing the minds of not just Congress, BJP, Shiv Sena netas, but common people too. The BJP has been bragging about the high number of seats it is claiming it will get, ever since the Shiv sena snapped its ties with its old ally.

The results will start coming after around twelve hours from now. Not just netas and poll pundits, but also common Mumbaikars are awaiting the results impatiently. Everyone wants to see how the high polling turnout plays. Will it go against the BJP or the Shiv Sena? Or for that matter, will it help the Congress party that no one is talking about.

owaisi rally in UP

There is no denying that it was the best opportunity for the Congress party to improve its performance and take control of the corporation that has been under the Shiv Sena stranglehold for the last over two decades. But the faction ridden party seems to have whiled away the chance. Mumbai Congress Committee president has alienated the local party leaders and not asked many people who would have swayed the election to campaign for the party.

There are reasons to believe that the Congress may lose its position of the principal opposition party in Mumbai. With Narendra Modi at centre and Devendra Fadnavis in the state, BJP Mumbai founded a new leadership and in the 2017 civic elections, the party contested the BMC elections independently. If exit polls are to be believed, the party has been successful in forming its own base in Mumbai and BJP is emerging as the second largest party in the city.

Exit polls suggest that Congress will be relegated to the third spot. An exit poll conducted by the Zee24 Taas has predicted 90-96 seats for Sena, 78-82 seats to BJP and 27-30 seats for Congress. To form the government in the city, the parties must cross the half mark of 114 seats. If this exit poll is to be believed, Sena might form the government in the city along with Congress or with the help of independent and other small parties. Shiv Sena and Congress has formed a pre-poll alliance for the Raigad Zilla Panchayat.

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