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Bill Paxton son, James, is a budding actor – All you need to know

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James Paxton has just turned 23. And merely a day after his 23rd birthday, his father left this world forever.

The 61-year old actor, Bill Paxton, who appeared in numerous memorable films, died merely a day after his son, James Paxton, celebrated his 23rd birthday. It must be a terrible feeling to be orphaned at just 23 years of age.

Merely a day before his father’s day, he was over the moon, very excited on his 23rd birthday.

“’Tis indeed my birthday today, and words can simply not express how touching and heartwarming waking up to this unbelievable surprise Happy Birthday video that Chrissy @PhilkasIWitness organized and put together. I want to thank everybody who was involved in this and who wished me a good one today, whether I know you or have yet to meet you. Wish I could hug you all. Thank you for your incredible support and for being such creative individuals! What more can I say? ?❤? Love,J”, wrote James on his Facebook wall.

The budding actor, who first appeared in a film with his father by sheer chance, is devastated by the sudden loss of a father. Bill Paxton was had undergone a heart surgery and TMZ claims that the celebrated actor/ director passed away due to complications post surgery.

In an interview, James Paxton, while recounting as to how he got his first professional acting role, says, “it came by chance; while visiting his father, Bill, on the set on Spy Kids 3, director Robert Rodriguez had an idea. “He said, ‘I think it’d be awesome if your character had a son in this scene, can you ask him if he’s into it?’ And my dad was like ‘Sure! I’m sure he’d be down”.

But James didn’t begin his professional film career with the film. Instead, after completing his education and after his training in journalism, he moved to L.A., where he got an agent, and began training with Vincent Chase. It was after several auditions, that he got his first real professional break in Hollywood.

The young actor, who got recognition for co-starring in the USA drama series Eyewitness as Lukas Waldenbeck, switched from journalism to film in college before he moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in acting.

Sometimes ago, when asked how he felt working with his father during the making of Texas Rising, Bill Paxton son James Paxton said,

Well, we didn’t really get to work together on Texas Rising. He was in [it], but our storylines didn’t coincide at all… He was really cool… I just shot a guest star role on his show, Training Day, that he’s shooting right now. The executive producers approached him about bringing me into the show, because there’s a cool parallel and in this episode we just did [where] my character reminds his character of what he used to be like as a boy. They went, “This is perfect to play it. You’re really family.” I jumped at the possibility, because I’ve always wanted to work with him, and we don’t get to work together and share scenes. I did a scene with him yesterday, and it was one of the proudest moments I’ve had.

His father and mother, Louise Newbury, were married for close to 31 years. There is no denying that it is a rarity in Hollywood these days.

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The entire Hollywood is mourning his death. Max Joseph, while writing on social networking giant Instagram says, “RIP Bill Paxton. We all enjoyed your work so much. Your journey from working in the prop department to becoming a supporting actor, then a leading man, and ultimately a director was incredible to witness. Once I got in your eye-line on the set of Big Love and although you were clearly annoyed you were super cool about it. You were a gentleman and a talent and you will be missed”.

Alexa Conomos said, “RIP Bill Paxton. Such sad news to lose this incredible actor and Fort Worth native. The young Bill was in the crowd when President John F. Kennedy emerged from the Hotel Texas on the morning of his assassination on November 22, 1963. Photographs of an eight-year-old Paxton being lifted above the crowd are on display at the Sixth Floor Museum in Dallas. He’s survived by his wife and two children”.

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