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Bill Paxton cause of death – ‘Aliens’ actor didn’t die of rheumatic fever, but surgery complications

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Los Angeles: If latest reports appearing in the media are to be believed, The Terminator actor, Bill Paxton was not confident before going for heart procedure. He was scared of the entire operation and he shared his thoughts with a top Hollywood director, who called him to enquire about his health.

The 61-year old actor’s sudden death has created shock among his fans and family members. The award winning actor/ director had appeared in numerous Hollywood blockbusters including Apollo 13, Titanic and Aliens.

While his family didn’t reveal exact cause of the death of celebrated actor, a report in RollingStone said that the actor unexpectedly passed away two days ago when he suffered a heart attack because of issues emanating from his heart surgery.

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Edge of Tomorrow, director, Doug Liman said when he called Bill Paxton, he looked worried about his surgery. He went on to add, “Although Paxton was worried about his surgery, he was ‘optimistic’ and looked forward to upcoming projects before his sudden death”, Liman is quoted by media as saying.

The actor, who appeared in more than 90 movies over the course of his more than three decades of Hollywood association, was expected to reprieve his role of Master Sergeant Farell in a future sequel of the film. Liman said that in an email, sent to him a few weeks ago, he said, ‘Thanks for the good wishes. It will help me face this ordeal”.

During the 89th Academy Awards 2017, Jennifer Aniston lavished praise on the celebrated actor. While speaking about the actors, who passed away recently, she paid rich tributes to Bill Paxton. She honored Bill Paxton in particular, the Nightcrawler and Titanic actor who just lost his life today from complications in heart surgery. Jennifer, while speaking during the glittering award ceremony, he said that everyone who passed away in the past year “was a cherished member of our Hollywood family, as was beloved actor and friend who left us just yesterday — Bill Paxton. All were loved and all will be missed.”

He suffered rheumatic fever as a teenager. A report in New York Daily News, while talking about his illness said, that he suffered rheumatic fever when a teenager. “I woke up one night…I had been to a hockey game, and I woke up one night and I had a lot of pain in my left wrist” he said while recounting it on a podcast. A report in the Mayo Clinic said that after several rounds of testing, doctors ultimately diagnosed Paxton with rheumatic fever, a condition that can cause permanent damage to the heart and lead to heart failure.

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