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Biggest polluters United States and China ratify Paris climate deal

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Will Paris agreement on climate change make some worthwhile impact on the carbon emission in the world? This is one question that many experts have been asking for a long time and this may not get settled anytime soon. Nonetheless the biggest contributors to the carbon emission, United States and China, in this order, have ratified the Paris climate deal, boosting hope of the deal’s success.

Without ratification of the Paris climate deal by United States and China, the whole exercise looked futile and without much of impact. Now with the latest development there seems to be hope that the deal can be put into force before the end of 2016.

World’s two biggest economies and the biggest polluters had avoided signing the Paris climate deal thus far. The signing of it by the leaders of the two nations has given some breather to the anti-emission lobby.carbon emission 1

The leaders of the two nations praised each other for signing the agreement. President Xi Jinping of China and US President Barack Obama called Saturday’s announcement a milestone. Obama said the climate deal is “the moment we finally decided to save our planet”. Other countries are expected to follow China and the US and ratify the deal later this month during the UN Climate Change week. “Hopefully this will encourage other countries to take similar efforts,” President Xi said after today’s announcement.

A top White House official while talking about the development said, “The signal of the two large emitters taking this step together and taking it early, far earlier than people had anticipated a year ago, should give confidence to the global communities and to other countries that are working on their climate change plans, that they too can move quickly and will be part of a global effort”.

The Paris agreement was signed last year after many ups and down. Its main goal is to slash greenhouse gas emissions and keep global temperature increases to “well below” two degrees Celsius. In the Paris agreement China and the US have committed to cutting levels of emissions by 2030. “There’s an American saying, You need to put your money where your mouth is. That’s what we’re doing,” President Obama said.

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