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Beef ban and BJP’s dual face – Party says will not ban beef in North East

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The duality of BJP came to the fore when it promised that if it came to power in North-East it would not ban cow-slaughter or beef consumption in the state. The major difference is that North Eastern states are Christian dominated and if meat is banned then it will destroy the BJP’s chances in the entire region.

Similarly, there is no ban on cow slaughter or beef consumption in Kerala or West Bengal and beef is commonly available in hotels and all eateries. During Eid-Al-Adha sacrifices of cows are done normally like goats or sheep. In Meghalaya, Mizorama and Nagaland beef is normally available everywhere.

In the above mentioned states Assembly Elections are due next year and BJP is trying its best to woo voters there with these promises. These are states that consume beef without restrain and the cow-slaughter ban would not sit easy with the people here. So BJP is making sure the public would not be scared with its anti-cow-slaughter policies that it is practising in the states it is in power so far.

Now the dual face of BJP is out in the light with the way it is making contradicting promises. Does the hallowed status of cow change from state to state? Or are some states more secular than other when it comes to considering cow holy? Don’t Hindu reside in these states?

Subramanyam Swami has proposed a bill that anyone who slaughters a cow be given the death sentence. So now BJP has two kinds of leaders. One like Subramanyam Swami, who demand death for cow slaughter, and the other side that promises no ban on cow slaughter if it comes to power. How does BJP justify these two conflicting stances? Will India see two kinds of laws being made for different states?

If BJP legalises punishment on cow slaughter then it would naturally affect cow slaughter across the country. That means Kerala, North-Eastern states would find that suddenly they cannot slaughter cow, as it is punishable by law. Other states with Christian population would also find itself devoid of beef. That translates to a large population of India devoid of a major part of their diet.

Now BJP is justifying its move by saying that it has banned the slaughter of cows in the states in Hindu-majority states, so their religious sentiments are not hurt. But why are the sentiments of Hindus residing in Mizoram not being respected, or those residing in Kerala for that matter.

And why are the minority denied such consideration by the government? Are they any lesser citizens of India?

But such questions are rhetorical. It is all about politics, and dirty politics at that.

(Translated from Urdu Times Daily by Nabila habib)

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