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Bangalore disgraced: Know how hundreds of women were groped in India’s Silicon Valley on Dec 31

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Bangalore: India’s Silicon Valley got disgraced on the New Year eve, when hundreds of men groped women celebrating the arrival of the New Year. On the night of December 31, as thousands of men and women were celebrating the arrival of the year 2017, many women were attacked with lewd remarks, inappropriate touching and groping by fellow revelers.

This is simply a disgrace to the city that thrives on the assumption that it is the most open and cosmopolitan city in the country. The story of the whole incident would have remained in the dark had the Bangalore Mirror not published detailed account of the mayhem and havoc created by unruly men.


Women complain that when they approached the police, they simply didn’t listen to their complaints. The state home minister, on the other hand, went on to claim that such incidents happen everywhere.

In the meantime graphic details of the mass-scale groping incidents on Bengaluru’s famous MG Road have appeared. A young woman who was present on the boulevard in the heart of the Karnataka capital that night described the situation as “almost a stampede” and said she saw “girls crying and shouting for help.” One woman she said fainted, another took off her shoes to fend off attackers.


She hasn’t been able to come out of the shock that she suffered on the New Year eve. A friend who was attacked is in shock. “Whenever a woman passed the molesters groped and pawed them, taking advantage of the intense crowd…You can fight back one or two people but how do you fight a crowd,” she said, emphasising that men were “intentionally” targeting women.

She emphasized the fact that it was “mass molestation”. A witness said there weren’t enough police personnel to control the crowd in Bengaluru. Another witness said there were not enough police personnel to control the massive crowd. “Everyone was drunk and pushing each other, people behaved indecently. They did not leave a single girl,” she said. She said she saw a woman weeping. “She was bleeding and had scratches. It was very scary,” she said, describing how the attackers “grabbed women’s hair and pulled at their clothes.”

In the meantime Karnataka’s Home Minister G Parameshwara says that Bengaluru is safe. The Home Minister said there were enough policemen and women in Bengaluru to ensure safety, offering no apology for the incident.

He went on to add “You should also understand the entire culture of celebration of the New Year’s thing over the years. We need to regulate and try and organise, we will have to see”. He denied reports that about 10,000 police personnel were posted in the city on that night. “You cannot have 10,000 policemen, there were 1,500 policemen, we had sensitized all the units of police force so that no untoward incident happen,” the minister said.

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