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Ban on instant triple talaq: What young Muslims think on Supreme Court verdict?

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While All India Muslim Personal Law Board has said it will take a decision on the Supreme Court judgment on triple talaq in its next meeting set to take place within the next two weeks, the board doesn’t seem to have lots of choices in this regard.

The AIMPLB has been acting in rather archaic manner, without being able to put up a solid and reasonable argument saying why it was against scrapping of the instant triple talaq. Had it taken an initiative and discarded it saying it was being misused by some Muslims, it would have clearly taken the air out of the whole Muslim women discrimination campaign being waged by the saffron lobby in the country. We know he sincere they are regarding Muslim women’s welfare and their upliftment.

But the court must realize that despite outlawing the practice of instant triple talaq, many Muslims will continue to do it and devout Muslim women will continue to accept its validity even if the court or government ban it.

The court will need the support of the Muslim Law Board for its implementation. But such verdicts will not bring it onboard. On the contrary, it will prove counter-productive. Hanafi Muslim clerics -the majority of Indian Muslims belong to this school of thought –need to be impressed upon to accept the change and not force it down their throat.

Meanwhile there are some views of young Muslim men and women on the Supreme Court’s triple talaq verdict.

Nida Kirmani
With triple talaq, I always wondered why women would want to stay with men who treated them so badly in the first place. While I understand that it is about women being treated with some semblance of dignity and not being booted out on a whim, and while I also understand that society can be a hellish place for a divorced woman, I still think it is so sad that we live in a world where women have to fight to stay with men who are such jerks. These women should have been the ones divorcing their husbands, and they should have been paid child support and given a fair share of assets rather than struggling just to stay in such abusive situations because of a lack of alternatives. Clearly we still have a long way to go.

Nisar Ahmed Ansari
I wholeheartedly applaud the SC Judgment banning ‘Instant Triple Talaq’ as Unconstitutional in my capacity of a ‘Human being’ against injustice to Women denying ‘ Gender Equality’ to them. The practice of Instant Triple Talaq followed by Indian Muslim husbands is manifestly unfair and unjust to Muslim women, so much so it did not require a SC Judgment at all! The Govt could have enacted appropriate Legislation in Parliament to ban this unfair practice without taking the ‘Prop’ of the SC Judgment. But, the Govt passed the buck onto the SC in order not to displease the Muslim Community in view of the Assembly Elections in UP & Bihar in 2015 & later.

Even now, the ball is back in their court–the SC has said that its Judgment is not ‘Law’ and that the Govt has to enact Legislation in Parliament to implement its Judgment. Let us wait and see whether the Govt has the moral courage to do it??!!

The jubilations of the aggrieved Muslim Petitioners are ‘premature’. The SC Judgment bans ‘ONLY’ instant Triple Talaq in ‘One Go’. Muslim husbands can invoke ‘Talaq’ in 3 different ‘spaced’ occasions over a period of 3 months before a Govt Qazi citing irreconcilable differences with wives which will then become ‘Final’. The Qazi’s ruling is not binding on the Muslim husband.

Where is the ‘Victory’ & Jubilations by Muslim women over the SC Judgment?? Justice will not be given to Muslim women until and unless the Husband is forced by Legislation to go to a Family Court and present his case for divorce with valid reasons which has to be ‘Upheld’ by the Judge of the Family Court. Till then, it is only a ‘Pyrrhic’ Victory for Muslim women of India.

Hanzala Bin Aman
Abolishing of Instant Triple Talaq is indeed a very welcome move. Statistics shows that there’s 0.5% rate of divorce in Muslim community and the rate of instant divorce out of all divorces is 0.3%. However small the number of victims, it is a great victory for them.

Supreme Court should also take a hard stance on wife abandonment, percentage of which is 6 times higher than the divorce rate and the number of victims many times higher than the victims of Triple Talaq.

I say it not out of animosity or anything but as a citizen concerned about the rights of fellow humans.

Muslim community should welcome the move and those people whose sole purpose of opposing Triple Talaq is to demonize men from muslim community should leave aside their bias and extend their support to the victims of abandonment. Please, don’t let your prejudice shadow your conscience.

And also, it has not been due to Modi or BJP but decades long battle by Muslim women that this practice is abolished.

Abid Ali
People should understand that SC banned Instant Triple Talaq not Triple Talaq which is more protective for muslim women and recommended by Sharia law. Even Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLMB) pleaded that the Instant Triple Talaq is wrong. Thanks to SC for its strong verdict today to strengthen women empowerment and equality in society.

Farha Najam
This is not a win at all, Its a huge loss of women’s dignity and honour.

I would like to ask all the #women and those who filed this case that why would you want to live with a man who wants to #divorce you ??? Is it not enough of humiliation and insult to you that you want to stoop down further and beg them to live with you, accept you ? Why do you want to force yourself on to somebody who doesn’t deserve you ??

I don’t think #TripleTalaq is wrong in any way, “I believe a man who could think about divorcing his wife and can confess Talaq Talaq Talaq 3 times in a row no matter for what reasons , A women should not live with him for any reason in the world”

I don’t know by what you are blinded but you are. Open your eyes and minds, take triple Talaq as your right to leave the man and punish him for the rest of his life and never ever look back or think about him.

This ban on instant #Talaq is forcing you to live with a man who doesn’t want to live with you how humiliating and disgusting is that. This ban is will only increase the crime and evil. In other Indian religions where once divorce didn’t exist what Men were and are doing??? They were murdering there wives, burning them … why you women blessed with the rights want to force yourself into this evil.

I am truly hurt with this ban and I feel it’s a big loss for muslim women’s rights , her dignity, her honour.

Yusuf Hassan
My support for the supreme court’s decision ! the fact that Honorable judges have considered the dislikes for Talaq and Instant Triple talaq in particular under shariah is something we must appreciate.

I believe that since the decision to make a new law on Instant triple talaq falls within the preview of the government, i expect the government will consider the majority views with appropriate consultation with different groups of experts before drafting a new law. The change must be gradual and not just for the sake of wining over a certain voter groups!

While Muslims surely have some genuine concerns that need to be addressed before hurrying to make another law that may be perceived as an encroachment to personal religious sentiments,For those Muslims who have forgotten trying to read and understand Islam and the Quran that is our code of law,

Those who intend to divorce their wives shall wait four months; if they change their minds and reconcile, then God is forgiver, merciful. If they go through with the divorce, then God is hearer, knower. (2:226-227)

And if you fear a breach between the two, appoint an arbiter from his people and an arbiter from her people. If they both desire agreement, Allah will effect harmony between them. (4:35)

In the event that triple talaq is pronounced in one go, where does the chance of arbitration, as stated in the Quran, stand?

Have we followed Islam truely?If we need to change, we need to orient, why to blame others first? Its time to introspect what wrong have we done?

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  1. kothapalli ravibabu

    The Supreme Court judgment on Talaq is only an eye wash. ir only bans instant triple talaq but not the system of talaq which has no connection with the law. It must be proved that Islam does not entertain such a cruel and one sided proactice of giving divorce to a wife.

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