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April Fools’ Day 2017: Best Pranks For Friends, Boyfriends & Girlfriends, Colleagues , Videos

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April Fools pranks are still popular. The pranks despite being felt as nuisance by many are becoming even more popular with every passing year.

Notwithstanding the fact that people in general don’t liked to be pranked, everyone wants to prank other people. This becomes a cycle and people continue to prank each other over the years.

Many people try to argue against celebrations of the day as it according to them creates an atmosphere where speaking false and tricking others becomes fashion. While it is generally true, people should be taught to play harmless pranks instead of dangerous ones that can be harmful to anyone or even may hurt someone’s sensibilities.

I have seen many articles written from the perspective of several religions where writers have tried to project the April Fool’s Day as something that is illegal and shouldn’t be celebrated. These articles tend to claim that it is irreligious or rather anti-religious to celebrate such days.

There are some great pranks that you will love it:
For SALE. I did this one in college and it was a riot. I went out into the parking lot and using window chalk, put many of my friend and roommate’s cars up for sale. And for ridiculous prices. Prices that would leave people calling them ALL. Day. Long. And most of my friends always left in a hurry for work (or class), and consequently had no time for washing off the advertisement. Success!

Just Married. Another one that is fun is to use that same window marker and decorate your spouse’s car with “JUST MARRIED.” Better yet, add something like, “Honk to wish your congratulations!”

Chocolate-Covered Cotton Balls. I know there are a lot of fun food-related April Fool’s jokes out there (toothpaste filled oreos anyone?), but this one just happens to be my favorite. There’s just something belly-achin’ funny about watching someone bite into what they think is the most delectable chocolate, only to have cotton stringing from their teeth. Can you tell I had fun with this one in college as well )? I have still yet to try caramel-covered onions..

Fender-Bender: Leave a note on your husband’s car saying “I’m So so sorry for hitting your car” along with a random name and number. Watch him spend FOREVER trying to find the dings.

For single friends. One year I handed out flyers at BYU with my roommate’s face and the caption “Seeking Marriage Partner” along with a list of very silly qualifications. We still laugh about this!

Plastic Wrap EVERYTHING. Unscrew the lids to the shampoo, soap, ketchup bottles, etc. and apply a little plastic wrap.

Disguised Toothbrush. Do this one only if they will forgive you: Use a couple drops of food coloring and drip it into their toothbrush the night before (it’s best if it’s the same color as the toothbrush bristles).

Flour, Flour and more flour. My roommates did this one to me right before one of my FINALS: pour flour over the top of the shower curtain while they are showering and then RUN. It will take forever to get the flour out. You can also put flour in the blow dryer. (Read more here)

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