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Angela McQueen of Mattoon High School, Illinois being called rock star: Photos

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Angela McQueen is being praised by almost everyone. The Illinois teacher is being hailed as the messiah of the students. The female teacher defied every logic and saved many lives by snatching a loaded gun from a student who might have created havoc in the school.

On Wednesday there might have been dance of death had Angela McQueen not succeeded in stopping the student from taking fellow students lives.

Hundreds of students have testified before authorities as to how the physical education teacher with 17-year teaching experience stopped the boy from using his gun by subduing him with and snatching away the gun that might have harmed many students.

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The incident happened at Mattoon High School’s cafeteria. The teacher has become a new hero for students and teachers across the US.

Mattoon Police Chief Jeff Branson was also all praise for the teacher and her quick response. “She’s been trained obviously, but in these scenarios, you just don’t know what’s going to happen until it happens…Had the teacher not responded as quickly as she had I think the situation would have been a lot different”, said the Police Chief.

The police chief also said that two students were injured during the shooting in the cafeteria. “Officers located another student in the parking lot of the school and attention was given to him by the school nurse and later transported to Sarah Bush Lincoln Health Center by medical personnel…I was advised on scene by the nurse that he was in stable condition, and had received what appeared to be, for sure, one gunshot, potentially two gunshot wounds” said he.

The 40-year old Angela McQueen “overwhelmed” the shooter after he was able to fire multiple shots into a crowd of students. She then held down the gunman while a school resource officer helped her disarm the student. the unnamed student remains in custody.

One of the injured student’s mother while praising the teacher on Facebook said “My son … was shot today in a school shooting. He was the only one injured and we are very blessed it’s not worse. As the shooter was raising his gun a PE teacher lunged for his arm as he got the first round off, hitting (the victim). She held his arm straight up and he fired 5-6 more rounds into the ceiling as she took him down. (The victim) was not specifically targeted. The bullet apparently grazed his left index finger then entered his left chest and exited out his back missing all organs.”

A concerned parent, Lonnie Scott was all praise for the female teacher and called her a rock star. “The rest of the school staff, police, and emergency responders have kicked ass making this chaos go as good as possible. A huge shout out of love and gratitude to all of you as well…To the people who saw students running away from the school. You who opened your doors to provide safety to those kids. I can’t tell you how much I love you right now. You rock, and all of you are unsung heroes too” said Scott.

The 40-year old teacher has been with Mattoon High School for around 17 years, teaching math and PE. Before she started teaching at Mattoon High School, she worked for one year at Danville High School. She is an Illinois native and attended graduated from Marshall High School in Marshall, Illinois.

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