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Alabama Governor Robert Bentley ex wife Dianne Bentley – Age, photos, sons

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Alabama Governor Robert Bentley had got married with his wife a very long time ago. It was in the year 1965, when a young Robert and Dianne fell in love and got married. They have a very happy married life, till the storm struck them and within no time everything was lost.

After the appearance of the audio tape regarding his conversation with his lover, Dianne Bentley filed for divorce saying there was an ‘irretrievable breakdown’ in their marriage and that reconciliation was impossible.

The two have four sons and seven grandchildren together and till early 2015, the two were thought to be happily married till the scandal came out of the closet.

Gov. Bentley said that the entire scandal was merely talk and no ‘action’. But people who have studied the call details believe the way he talked about touching his lover in graphic details shows it was not just all talk.

Relations between Gov. Bentley and his wife soon became irreconcilable. A report in the AL says that his wife was not ready to join him for his inauguration” “She (Dianne Bentley) wasn’t going to come to the inauguration and it was touch and go right until the end,” a longtime Montgomery resident said. “She is basically a shy person and has never wanted to be in the spotlight. In the end, I think she just thought it was best for the state”, the report says.

Details about the divorce filing suggest that Mr and Mrs Bentley were separated since January 2015, with the governor residing in Montgomery and Dianne living in Tuscaloosa.

Did emoji caused his divorce?
There were reports that the Gov. instead of sending the emoji to his lover, sent it to his wife. A report said that Dianne’s phone would buzz with text messages from her husband containing a red-rose emoji. This was out of his character as far their married life was concerned. Reports suggest that she was even willing to forgive her husband even after overhearing him telling Mason that he loved her until Bentley sent another red rose emoji, this time with Mason’s name attached.

A report says, “After Dianne Bentley listened to the recording, people close to the First Lady say, she confronted the governor, who denied any sort of romantic relationship. Amazingly, Dianne seemed to drop the matter. But then, a few weeks later, Dianne’s friends say, Bentley accidentally texted her another red-rose emoji, only this time the message included the word “Rebekah.””

The Alabama Supreme Court ruled on Saturday to allow lawmakers to move ahead with an effort to oust Gov. Robert Bentley, who is fighting to stay in office amid fallout from an affair with a top aide.

Now it has been confirmed that Gov. Bentley will face impeachment hearings beginning on Monday. The state Supreme Court reversed a short-lived victory for Bentley when a judge on Friday blocked impeachment proceedings. After the high court’s ruling, the House Judiciary Committee quickly announced plans to proceed with hearings on Monday. The 74-year-old Republican has been engulfed in a sex scandal since recordings surfaced in 2016 of him making suggestive remarks to a female aide before he and his wife of 50 years got divorced.

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